your account will be banned for violating regulations pubg mobile

2020.10.16 , after 2020.10.10 12.45 pm , after its change 2029.10.10. then after that, when I was trying to play again, same thing happened but the locked time became 2 hours instead. Hey Dushyant, The ban is permanent and as per PUBG policies, the account can not be reinstated. Do you guys have any idea how could I reach the pubgmobile support team? I also admit that I used to be bad at playing games. The only option remains to sign up with a different social media account such as twitter, facebook or your google play account. Buying UC from unauthorized channels will also result in a ban.

I wish you lasting success, please i need help my account linked in twitter and some 1 hacked my twiiter, and he used my pubg account linked by twitter and i forget some info about my twitter. Final Thoughts and Conclusion: In order to comply with the rules and regulations and to avoid getting your PUBG Mobile account ban, the above examples will help you. still waiting for a solution on my account but why i realy dont know can you help me to unban my account

I didnt cheat at all first. am a big fan of PUBG mobile and i had spent lot of money in the game. Why You Get A Message Ban In PUBG Mobile? My pubg name is : yaghivajkhonya, Help gift account me my e-mail [email protected], Hello

Because they use good cheat. Hello Master I am a fan of the game pubg I am more than a week I have not played a single game I swear I do not play hockey Thanks, I have a one hour streaming screen record, you can submit your telegram id to send to you, i have been streaming for seven months in my country, i have your royal pass season 4 to 9, i spent too much money. I have the proof that he is not a cheater i was playing with him on live This is my pubg id ( 5454311308 ) plz open my account, Hello I used to play well with emulators without any kind of bad luck. PUBG lite for Mobile Download | pubg lite for pc download, how to unban PUBG Mobile account emulator, voice server connection timed out cod mobile,,, Server Timeout Reconnect Issue Fix for PUBG Mobile, Best Gun Combinations in PUBG Mobile 2019, CALL OF DUTY Mobile voice chat not working, Download PUBG Mobile Free and How to Get Free UC on PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Recruitment: Find New Teammates. hello my accoun no hack account banned 90d help me, My accound has been bnned and i honestly didn’t even used cheat or emulators and anything else. i want to get back my account because i’m innocent, i swear i swear i’m innocent please help me, thank you for reply my comment and help me. Because they use good cheat.

Mobile Games. Hey Hamdan, We are sorry to hear about that. Hello My name is (CaptainRoyd) My account in the game has been banned without warning and without cause and I have not violated the terms and conditions of the game and I hope that my account will be returned and removed from it.

My account was locked for 30 minutes I think? I used cheats and bypass as well. Please support PUBG and I want to restore my account, Your email address will not be published. Thank You so much. There is another friends of mine which i know he is a good player but Good luck. If you feel such violations are not done by you, kindly file claim and PUBG Team will look into it. and i dont want to report to the pulis because were living here in UAE its so hard to tel its dangerous all i want is to know this person and i want here face looks like…please let me know thank you, I am very sad to admit that my account has been bandaged because of my bad behavior. I have read all yours terms and conditions before ever started playing the

unlock it but now its not unban after 3 month please double check this ishu, why my account banned i am not a hacker i am every rules following in pubg mobile but still my account banned for 3 month please help me ID.5576599483, hello pubg why my pubg mobile 3 month banned i am not 3rd party app & hack used please help me ID.5576599483, hey i got ban for 10 yrs I’ve spent a lots of time after my ID and also bought UC to upgrade Royal pass. As in the above screenshot, you can click “File Claim” on the right side. These illegal websites can lead to a great loss of money from both the players and the game developers. my accounyt has been banned and i have not violated the terms of pubg. This is my account ID (5283789955), Hello my name is zouheir i played pubg mobile about 2 years and i stopped playing it about month ago i tried to log in agian but i received a message that data has been changed after that i tried about 12 time to enter my game then i got banned for no reason i got banned for 10.years i want my account back if you please my account is ZOUHEIR3323 its my username in oubg mobile. Any suggestion? Why would anyone want to spoil the work of those dedicated developers who are giving so much of their mind, their time and their knowledge to give us the best gaming experience? 1.49

I waited for 9 hours and tried to play again, now my account is permanently banned.


I have file the claim still there is no response from them, how can they ban the account without giving any warning messages, I have also changed my Facebook email still it is showing banned , I have spent too much money on that. Also that you will be losing your username as well.

What are the Best DMR Guns in PUBG Mobile?

Pubg Account Banned? But when i got killed everytime by hackers , i had no option left. I hope this email finds you well. Ace player in Season 3 and 5 respectively with reach of Royale Pass 100.

If you feel it’s a genuine case and no violations has been done on your part, you may file claim. Or link to another account such as twitter or google play account which you have not used before and start a new career. Now I am trying to recover my pubg mobile account from Facebook. Some used my account in PUBG and play with it and I get my link account back but I find my account is banned. i was playing randomly then i got many time server Failure i restart my pc and i enter the game again i have 0 kill then i got band for 10 years How To Use Free Fire 50000 Diamond Hack Mod APK?

That’s why I once resorted to abuse because of problems with the game. But this is the only option to possibly recover banned PUBG Mobile account at the moment. Please return my account. and game and I have never used any third party app…. I just play with tencebt emultor It’s completely against the rule on players’ rights and anyone found guilty should be subjected to punishment. You would not want to leave behind your hard earned RP, UC credits and your level. Give me the cheat code or whatever hack, help me please. member have been banned wrongly for 10 years for his first account and then

the account number and I would like to ask for your help to verify and I was playing fair and not using any hack and not violating any rule so why you have ban my account .if you really think that I am using hack or violating rule than you check my account .my account ID – 5262369387 please check my id and tell me or email me why you have ban my account even my KD ratio is 0.74 and I am playing this game from season four (4) you can check my profile Even I am purchasing royale pass from season six (6) and spent lot of money in this game and you had ban my account for not reason and it for 10 year .This is not fair Pubg mobile please help me , don’t ruin my hardwork and my money which I had spent in this game I want reply my gmail id is akshaygad[email protected] .com .My game Id is 5262369387 and my in game name is 爪卂匚々Akshay .so it is my humble request to you please help me by unbanning my account or email me why you had ban my account my email I’d is [email protected] please reply . And even spent more that 1000 dollars on it . The emulators used to misbehave with most players. Else you’ll have to create a new PUBG Mobile account. party apps or anything

I follow every guidelines and terms carefully. Unfortunately we are not affiliated to Official PUBG Mobile Team and can only suggest to contact them via “file claim”. Hi guys 5484546276 iam player not emulator , Why ban 10 years i am real player not cheater, hi My facebook acount has been banned. You don’t want to get your hard work going down the drain. The hacker played with my account and has used third party app(may be)…. 2. The emulators used to misbehave with most players.

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