when a continuous integration build fails, who ideally ensures the build is repaired?

___________________ ensures that the Sprint Planning event happens and that the attendants understand its purpose. A term representing the eventual consequences of poor technical choices. Clarity> cleverness. The solutions from step 5 has notification systems to inform the team or individual when a build or test fails or succeeds. If they are part of the Definition of "done". Tasks in a Sprint Backlog must be estimated in Days/Hours, Continuous Integration (CI) provides the following advantages, Who can tell the Development Team what to work on, Planning Poker must be used by Development Teams. Which of the following best describes Continuous Integration? time-boxed event of 8 hours or less to start a Sprint. indication of the average amount of Product Backlog turned into an Increment of the product during a Sprint by the Scrum team. 1. it involves minimum planning and maximum test execution. Revise the tests so that the bug no longer appears on the bug report. An organization has decided to adopt Scrum, but management wants to change the terminology to fit with terminology already used. ______________________ does not necessarily provide functional coverage. High is bad, low is good. Practice of always leaving the code base in a little better state than it was found before modifications. The Product Owner can delegate Product Backlog Management work, False, they must first address the Product Owner. Who must be present at the Daily Scrum meeting? (T/F) Automated tests should be run every time there is an automated build. To refine Product Backlog items, the following activities will occur implicitly or explicitly: (Select all that apply). Only during refinement meetings planned by the Product Owner. the role within a Scrum Team accountable for guiding, coaching, teaching and assisting Scrum Team and its environments in properly understanding Scrum.

_____________ must work with all involved parties to understand if artifacts are completely transparent.

While changing software, you find a bug in a previously delivered piece of functionality. It may not have beenas confusing even if it satted who 'usually' fixes the build instead of 'ideally ensures' - because itis most likely the developer who made the last change would be the first to notice it. What are some shortcomings of code coverage as a measurement for how well a system or product is tested? It is mandatory that the product increment be released to production at the end of each Sprint. What is the recommended size for a Development Team (within the Scrum Team)? Return to step 3. When could a release to Production occur if a Scrum Team produced a Done increment multiple time each day? Simple and repeatable reproduction steps.

The results of this test is used to decide if a build is stable enough to proceed with further testing. Completed/"Done" PBIs are reviewed. Would wait on this forum to hear other points of view on what cold be the rationale for the pointof view - other than the basic understanding that we all have - that Manish has also mentioned - .usually the first one to find out is also the person who checked in last / broke the build - but using that in a quiz and call it out as 'ideally' makes we feel we are somehow diluting some of the agile values of one team approach and forward looking thinking. There are no individual tester roles in scrum. PBIs with greater clarity and detail to tend to also have : so that any one item can reasonably be "done" for the Sprint time-box. When might a Sprint be abnormally terminated? False, quality goals do not decrease during the Sprint.

And this can be done by the person who committed it last. They allow frequent validation of the unit of software being worked on, ensuring it remains in a potentially shippable state. 1. The person who broke the build 2. When timing of integration points slip, the project is in trouble. Framework for developing, delivering, and sustaining complex products.

Must coach the development team in self-organization and cross-functionality. In Scrum this is not a role which is sub-divided and so the associated responsibilities are always collective ones. individual units are combined and tested as a group in order to expose faults in the interaction of units. Select four desirable characteristics of a unit test. Immediately raise the issue to the Scrum Master as an impediment. False, sprints have consistent duration during development efforts. By using this site you are agreeing to the,, Search Professional Scrum Certificate Holders, Search Professional Scrum Certificate Holders. Daily time-boxed event of 15 minutes, or less, for the Development Team to re-plan the next day of development work during a Sprint. Who should decide who will be the Scrum Master for a new Scrum Team? Responsible for finding techniques for effective Product Backlog management. Incomplete PBIs are re-estimated and put back on the Product Backlog.

Progress towards clean code. When does the Development Team participate in Product Backlog refinement? Should User Stories be part of the documentation generated by a Scrum project? ____________ must ensure that the Sprint Retrospective remains positive and productive, and that attendants understand the purpose. (T/F) The Scrum Master participates a peer team member in the Sprint Retrospective as is he/she is accountable for the Scrum process. 1. The sugested answer: The person who broke the build. 1. What should you do? adding detail, estimates, and order to items in the Product Backlog. Code complexity measure based on the # of independent logical branches through a code base. The Sprint Backlog is fully formulated in the Sprint Planning meeting and does not change during the Sprint. Basically, scrum is a software development tool whereby different people work on different pieces of the same project. During each _______________ meeting, the Scrum Team plans ways to increase product quality by improving work processes or adapting the definition of "done. The optimal size for a development team is : Only the people executing the work in the Sprint Backlog, usually excludes the Product Owner and Scrum Master.

Optimizing the value of the work the Development Team does. At sprint planning, the development team has NO clear standard to meet for releasable software. The process is understandable by all stakeholders. (T/F) Class coupling measures each class only once for this metric no matter how many times it gets used. A measure of how many classes a single class uses. Which are three attributes of a BAD bug report? Product backlog items have the attributes of ____________, __________, ____________, and __________. The ___________________decides what makes the most sense to optimize the value of the work being done by the Development Team. False, development teams are self-organizing, therefore no one can tell them how to do this. Thanks Ian for the response. The time-box for the Sprint Planning meeting is?

The Development Team should have a set of guiding architecture principles that every Development Team member understands and follows when writing code. In Continuous Integration, it is ensured that this file is kept up-to-date to ensure that the entire build process is seamless. short expression of the purpose of a Sprint, often a business problem addressed. For shorter Sprints it is usually shorter. a framework within which complex products in environments are developed. (T/F)The Definition of "done" helps guide the Development Team in knowing how many PBIs it can select during Sprint Planning. Who is responsible for the system architecture of a product being developed using Scrum? The question: When a Continuous Integration build fails, who ideally ensures the build is repaired? time-boxed event of 30 days or less that serves as a container for the other Scrum events and activities. (T/F) Sprint Review meetings must be 4 hours long at the end of the sprint.

Scrum boards are optional within scrum and make information ________ and increase___________. Who can the Development Team negotiate with if it determines that there is too much/too little work in a sprint? The three Sprint Planning meeting inputs are : False, only the Development Team can assess what it can accomplish over the upcoming Sprint. It is the sole responsibility of the Product Owner to refine the Product Backlog. Vague statements or untested assumptions.

Serves the Scrum Team to inspect the past Sprint and plan for improvements to be enacted during the next Sprint. The Product Owner is ultimately responsible for the Product Backlog content. Below are the 20 odd questions for CI or Continuous Integration (1)----- is a .Net build tool.

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