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Back into the dining room, I sat with three most important people in my life , all of us gathered at last- they deserved to be saved from their lives of torture of work. Now the smoke could have been anything especially if the girls had been smoking or lit candles. When Veronica wakes up screaming the doctor tells her she has low blood pressure and asks a series of question, one being whether she’s menstruating yet - because of course a girl with a bed covered in blood must be on her period. "After all, what could I do?" One day she invites her friends Rosa and Diana over after they buy an occult magazine. All Rights Reserved. Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed, Veronica, the film about a teenage girl who dies after dabbling with demons, has taken Netflix by storm, Spanish TV report goes inside the real house behind horror film Veronica, Estafania Gutierrez Lazaro is the real person who inspired the horror film, In Veronica, just like in real life, it was a makeshift seance which is credited with starting the sinister chain of events, Estafania, the real-life inspiration for the film, was just 18 when she died, Conception, the girl's mother, was adamant that the seance could be linked to the strange goings on, Official trailer for new Netflix horror, Veronica, A photo of Estafania allegedly burst into flames - just one of many unusual events which took place after her death, A Spanish TV show takes viewers inside the family home which many believed to be haunted by a demon, In the film, the viewer is not told which events are true, and which are just 'inspired' by the truth, The police report on the case remains Spain's only police file to be marked 'unexplained', The film has captivated viewers with its deeply disturbing take on the unexplained case, It's a Ouija board which starts the craziness in the film, and that's how the story goes in real life as well, The film's disturbing story will have viewers horrified whether they know the truth behind it or not, Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). A spine-tingling horror, it tells the story of a young girl who becomes overwhelmed by a terrifying supernatural force after playing with a Ouija board. Your walking home at night and you cross a heavily fogged bridge and then you hear it. The date was now October 20, 2011. Many on Twitter are proclaiming its outright horror.

It was awful.". There was also a poster. I quickly opened the door and ran out to see if I could see anything. In an interview given to Spanish television in 2012 to mark the twentieth anniversary of the Vallecas case, he relived the moments he arrived outside the apartment block to find a "nervous and anxious" family unable to go back in. Well for one they didn't follow the rules for Ouija boards. With little to go on Paco’s movie plays with the facts, or rather, fills the gaps. Veronica is a Spanish Horror movie directed by Paco Plaza.Set in June 1991, It tells the story of a haunting and possession brought on through the use of an Ouija board during an eclipse.Throughout the movie there are several callbacks to the real-life case in which the movie is an adaptation of such as key dates and a police report. “But you only have to read the different newspapers to know how different reality is, depending on who’s telling it. Veronica may not be real, but this horror movie's true story is one that will keep you up at night thanks the tragedy and mystery surrounding Lazaro's death and the events that followed. This spirit came to her when she was trying to contact her boyfriend and ended up contacting her father instead.

While Veronica is slightly different to REC, it is no less impressive. The familiar fearful feeling of anxiety and jealousy ignited in my stomach as I clenched my nails into the palm of my hand- but those marks can't ever be as permanent as the ever growing feeling of not belonging. My light-coloured hair had been curled to perfection, my lips painted red showcasing my sparkling , innocent smile and my dress hugged my body tightly which caught the attention of John as I served up the meals. The night started of as laughter, food and reminiscing of past events and memories coating my brain with a sense of nostalgia and belonging. According to Blood Disgusting, the movie is based on true events that occurred in Madrid, Spain back in 1991. As I enter the hallway to my room, I quicken my steps in order to hopefully lose the ghost I seem to have present, or in my mind. She told her family that she saw evil shadows in her room and they took her to see doctors. According to medical reports, no cause of death was given and instead Estafania's case was labelled "unexplained". "I felt pressure on top of me but there was no-one around," she later recalled. You can unsubscribe at any time. She's shown as the perfect daughter, dutiful and caring, but that just makes her ripe for posession. Finally, amid worsening health, the teenager was admitted to Madrid’s Gregorio Marañón Hospital where, on a sweltering evening in August 1991, she died.

"Veronica" touts itself as a movie based on true events and a real police report. What does Joe Biden need to win the US election - and when will we know? People believe her death and the Ouija session are tied together because there was no other explanation to her death. Later, while babysitting her siblings at home, Veronica begins experiencing terrifying supernatural events. Trying to summon the spirit of a dead friend's ex, they accidentally disturb the spirit of her dead father - and then something, or rather someone, else. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. As I reach my door, I can hear it approaching; taking its time as it seems to be struggling to follow me. Inventive and creative directing, unusual characters and truly terrifying situations make these 5 films some of the best horror films in recent times. The way they handle possession may differ from how they handle attachment. "It was," Jose told the interviewer, "horrendous.". During the meals, that sense of belonging soon changed to anger as Cassie recalled on a group memory of the previous night at the cinema...which I wasn't there for. She was, she told her parents, haunted day and night by hallucinations and visions. Over the next six months she started having seizures and hallucinations.

", Yet in the few seconds he had been absent, something had changed. When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Her name was changed for the movie, her real name was Estefania Gutierrez Lazaro. Finally, at dawn on November 27 1992, one event unfolded which drove a terrified Conception and her husband from their bed. Netflix's horror offering from director Paco Plaza is scary enough, but what's scarier is it's based on real life, Our free email newsletter sends you the biggest headlines from news, sport and showbiz. It had been built in 1866. OFFICERS are picking their way through a darkened apartment in the suburbs of south Madrid, after a chilling call to the emergency services. Was it some sort of psychotic episode? Powered by Vocal © 2020 Jerrick Ventures LLC. The seance was interrupted by a teacher and later, as they tried to make sense of what had befallen their daughter, Maximo and Conception claimed that both her friends and teacher had told them they had seen a strange swirling smoke enter Estefania’s nose and mouth.

Instead of a casual chat with the ex, the girls end up contacting Veronica’s father.
HBO Max & JJ Abrams to expand the story of 'The Shining' with Overlook Hotel series.

There's a difference between possession and attachment which I talked in one of my Ouija board posts. Of course, we will never know if she's what the girls think they saw. Her house was also haunted after her death and there are actually police reports that have the stories of the hauntings. The furniture is smashed and spots of blood have dripped on to the floor, but this is no normal crime scene. His lustful gaze flicked across my body repeatedly throughout the night, at least I had him hooked since the night began - it would make him more easy to surprise.
So depending on which one was happening to her would determine next step, you can't do exorcisms on people who aren't possessed.

"When I’d first entered the room, I noticed they had a large wooden crucifix on the wall and hanging off it was a smaller pearly crucifix like the one children get at their first holy communions. The terrified pair called the National Police who arrived to find the terrified couple cowering on the pavement outside their apartment block with their children. The frightened couple told the police inspector that the phenomena tended to happen at quiet times, when the house was shrouded in darkness. Hence in Veronica the teenage girl summons the spirits of her dead father, and events unfold over just a few days. As I enter my room, I shut the door and lock it; the steps are now on the other side, unable to cross the barrier I've put up. She ends up dying a few months later. The spirit that had a hold on Verónica (Estefania) could have wanted to cause the most harm to her.

We’re well used to these horror set pieces, but here’s what’s interesting - we don’t know whether Veronica is creating this reality or if it’s in fact reality itself. Telling the story of a young girl, who has to raise her younger siblings as her mother is absent, it takes familiar horror tropes and adds a dose of reality.

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