venus in scorpio

They have the ability to give their partner their complete attention. Venus in Scorpio shimmers with an intense mojo. Skeletons in your romantic closet. Venus in Scorpio can be many body types but their figure will always scream SEX! The Venus Scorpio man is one of the most sexual of the zodiac signs. We want full dedication so there is no saying “to me you are the prettiest” because it should be visible it is for the whole world and that he took the best one.

Unlike the Venus in Scorpio woman, who sees sex as something you do with your partner, the Venus in Scorpio … If they are, your patience allows you to bide your time and wait for the right moment to take a relationship further. Venus in Scorpio: Friends & Lovers Profile, Molly Hall is an astrologer, tarot reader, and author of "Astrology: A Complete Illustrated Guide to the Zodiac. Their feelings may prevent them from seeing the point of view of others. For Venus in Scorpio, love is a serious business. Yes, this is partly because you want to see if they are who they say they are, but you also want to learn what makes them tick so you know how to nurture them once you do get closer. Venus and Scorpio in Love This is the best time to declare your love for a Scorpio, or if you are the Scorpio who has fallen for someone.

Your caution in all relationships has to do with your heightened instincts with regard to this merging. And if they aren’t ready for such an interesting experience, they may drown in the sea of love that Venus in Scorpio has to offer. In your darkest times, you may obsess over lovers and ex-lovers and come up with strategies to get even with those you feel did you wrong. Venus in Scorpio is tormented by the tides of love, swept into a sea of fear on the darkest of nights. There is transformation of desire, yes, but the transit is not as intimate as it will be for girls. However, you have very high standards for potential mates, and won’t allow someone to get close to you until they’ve proven their loyalty and trustworthiness. It is not uncommon for a person with a Venus in Scorpio to be cautious when meeting new people.

As a friend, they are insightful and able to understand their friends as plain as day. You are extremely skeptical of others at first, and believe actions speak louder than words. Your intuition tells you when someone's into you and when they're not. Their lovers often remember their time together for that very reason. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Scorpio Venus likes someone who isn't afraid of commitment, emotions or intensity.

This means we’ll crave meaningful and intense experiences when Venus is in Scorpio.

All of this intensity leads to a stronger bond, so if you’re up for the challenge both emotionally and physically, this could end up being a transformative and sexy time that ends up bringing you and your partner much closer together. Horoscopes with Venus in Scorpio.

There's always a risk in merging, and that's why Scorpio's intensity comes with a dangerous mystique. It only takes one small slight to upset the scorpion. It’s a time to go beneath the surface, find the truth, and hold it up to the light of day. Some people appreciate this while others find it a bit disconcerting. You have entered an incorrect email address!

Try Different Quizzes People Are Talking About! Once someone has shown you that it’s OK to let your guard down, you are as devoted as they come. As someone with their Venus in Scorpio, you take love very seriously. I can’t help but to be intense even when it comes to just “liking” someone…it’s never just a “like” but I’m also longing for a deep, soulful connection and nothing less. Logging in will register your Like with Facebook.). For you, still waters run deep, and you are arguably the most passionate of the water signs. Buddhist Astrology & Tarot by Susannah Meel. © 2019 Astro Kitty. This makes you appear distant or disinterested at first, but you’re simply protecting the sensitivity Scorpio is known for. Try Different Quizzes People Are Talking About! You carry a hint of danger, and guard your privacy closely, which makes you the kind of tantalizing mystery that can be very intriguing to potential lovers and friends.

Those nagging thoughts that we’ve been pushing aside to make peace? Celebrities With Venus In Scorpio: Demi Moore, Usher, Sylvia Brown, Tiger Woods, Agatha Christie, Bruce Springsteen, Positive Keywords for Venus in Scorpio: Intense, Passionate, Seductive, Emotional, Attractive, Attentive, Negative Keywords for Venus in Scorpio: Possessive, Controlling, Unforgiving, Obsessive. They look look great in black and dark reds and blues. I’ve recently learned I have 5 planted in Scorpio. Your desire to exert control over friends can become oppressive if you're jealous of their other connections, so you must take care to keep your "inner stalker" in check and guard against over possessiveness.

Intense is the word that best describes Scorpio. So much so that a relationship filled with disagreements and stress points is preferred over an easy going relationship that is superficial and detached. Those nagging thoughts that we’ve been pushing aside to make peace?

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