trojan pacer vs t105

They probably cost more, though. Interstate, are US Battery products with a different label. Started Monday at 05:29 PM,, Apologize for the too late reply. TreyandSusan, this is the Pro-Fill system I'm looking at:

Many of the other labels, e.g. I find they work just as well as my friends Trojans. Technical Service said that the Plus also has a water level indicator. We are very happy with our choice and it works great. Yes, I'm WAY out West of you in Washington State, although I'm originally from Florida and hope to return there when I retire. I'm a Trojan fan, but if you are buying plain 6v GC2 flooded cells, I would buy based on battery specs and price rather than brand name. Examples include slightly taller versions and slightly greater lead content, yielding more AH while retaining the same footprint (length & width) of the GC2. The water level indicator? Powered by vBulletin® Version 3.8.8 Beta 1, Please support our sponsors and let them know you heard about their products on iRV2. I haven’t used the flip style.

This battery stuff is new to me. It's "supposed" to help prolong greater conductivity over the life of the battery, but only time will tell in real life usage what kind of margin of improvement we're talking about. Can You Still Go RVing Without Camping Reservation... Will The Hummer EV Be The New Favorite For RVers?

Try These Tricks. (Our bank is a 6 6-volt  group 31). Eight months on the road this year with them and quite a bit of that dry camping, they are working fine. Hi Linda - bayonet caps will be “normal” conventional caps that install with a part turn. Still don't want to pay the money for AGMs. Twinboat: Thanks!

All have performed well. Trojan T-105 vs T-125 vs T-145 Batteries So I'm looking into replacing my two chassis batteries (Both golf cart deep cycle flooded batteries) in my 1997 Class A RexAir rig. Or maybe you can give others some advice? The main reason is they are used in golf carts and I can get them locally for around $120 each. Can't speak to the difference in the batteries you ask. The T-125 just upped the amp-hours/capacity a little. We're not in a big hurry as we won't need the batteries until this fall, so have lots of time to look around. Join the #1 RV Forum Today - It's Totally Free! T-105 has the Embedded Universal Terminal (EUT) available; the Plus doesn't, The T-105 is slightly larger in width and height than the Plus, The T-105 has the HydroLink Watering System available; the Plus doesn't. This Class C RV Was Renovated With A Built-In Musi... 10 Important Things To Keep In Mind For Safe Trave... Filtered Campground Searches on Your Phone. Posted on November 26, 2017 by Joel. Not having to get down on the knees, getting out the portable flood light to see into the bay, cleaning the terminals, etc. Personally, I'm not at all a fan of flip tops. The only aside from the standards and the plus's not mentioned yet is the addition of a new metallic additive to their conductive grease formula on the plus series. I can get the Flow-Rite Pro-Fill complete system for less than $100.

But I did go through the process of deciding what to buy for our coach earlier this year.   You cannot paste images directly. They tend to warp, plastic hinges tend to break and they are not as easily replaceable as a bayonet style. While Trojan has their own HydroLink watering system, the total kit (including the squeeze bulb and tubing) costs over $200. We got this for flexibility. The Best Free & Cheap Camping Near Las Veg... 4 Natural Air Fresheners To Make Your RV Smell Gre... Get Inspired By This New Book On Living Off-The-Gr... Powered by vBulletin® Version 3.8.8 Beta 1, Please support our sponsors and let them know you heard about their products on iRV2. I do have an email into Flow-Rite making sure that this is the correct kit for the T-105.

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