trask ulgo mod

Once you have done this, start a new game. It seems that his sarcastic and witty demeanor is his way of putting up with crappy situations and generally a way to shield himself from the outside. He served on the Republic capital vessel the Endar Spire. It breaks from Achilles' mod, however, in that you do not get Jedi robes. The ship was taken over by Sith forces near Taris. 3. It's also entirely possible that there are other underlying reasons for this. An ensign of the Republic Fleet who risked his life to help Revan free the Endar Spire. This mod is based on Achilles' excellent Padawan Mod, which is in turn based on Talchia's groundbreaking Padawan Mod. Features The Endar Spire module has been modified to reflect your new status. If I get ambitious and people are interested, I'll try to expand it to Taris. I would like to thank Talchia for the original mod that inspired Achilles' work. He used to own a ship too, but currently, he just has a shit load of credits from the insurance and no where to get a new ship. Reporting Bugs and Making Suggestions Jedi from the Start does the same things as this mod, but also lets you be a Jedi Other Links ... Well made & a very smooth experience, the only downside is the complete removal of Trask Ulgo and his subsequent encounter with Darth Bandon.

Ulgo is a male human, and stands 186 cm tall, of muscular and athletic build, most would call him a big man. None of the new dialog options have sound files attached to them. It's hard to tell how long he's been in this business. Later Trask dies and you make your way through the ship and meet up with Carth Onasi and escape the Endar Spire just in time before it is blown to bits.

end_pop02.dlg Trask was a cool character, but I hate the fact that he dies in the first level. This mod is really of interest only if you're bothered by inconsistency of being a Jedi, going to Dantooine, and then being made a Jedi.
Roleplay Padawan Mod by Grif Vindh It also replaces the original Trask, otherwise you'd have a headless Trask. Another little thing that isn’t that big of deal is you may notice that the portrait of the 3rd Caucasian head is still the same. Just unzip the appearence.2da and the end_trask.utc into your Override folder of your SWKOTOR directory. -------------------------------------------. Version 1.0, 7 October 2004, Introduction 2.

You sort of can since your underwear will change if you wonder around in it instead of wearing clothing or armor as you progress to the dark side. By using this site, you agree to our Guidelines. If you are using the legacy version of the game, go to the folder location "Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\208580\1690917193" and copy …

Trask Ulgo war ein Soldat der Galaktischen Republik und Fähnrich innerhalb der Republikanischen Flotte zur Zeit des Jedi-Bürgerkriegs. Originally known as FileFront, GameFront has been serving up the very best mods, maps, skins, tools, and utilities since 1998. Star Wars VI Return of the Jedi Deleted Scene- Luke's Lightsaber, Trask Ulgo is an NPC and currently a companion of The kid, in an ongoing sci-fi RP campaign loosely based on Star Wars, using D20 rules. Two responses to Carth's initial conversation on Taris have been modified slightly to fit in with the new backstory.

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