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While Telus and Shaw spend a lot of time and effort attempting to lure new and not-so-new customers, they seem to neglect their existing customers when it comes to deals. (Easiest to just add a “-5G” to the end). You can press the appropriate number to indicate that you are a new customer, then simply tell the customer service representative that you are an existing customer. Giving you as much crap as possible. However, their bills and their accounting have also suffered for many years. Please do not share any personal information, even if someone claims to work for Shaw. March 22nd, 2013 at 3:08 pm Earn 1 mile for gas/store purchase each week, get bonus 95 Air Miles after 3 visits.
and I wonder if the XB6 is a good router to manage the bandwidth and multiple connections (and if the possible wide range of speeds is modem or shaw in general), or if I should put it into bridge mode and get a dedicated well-reviewed router?

Log in and differentiate the 2.4 and 5G connection names. He then left it open to me to negotiate and asked "are you sure there is nothing we can do to retain your business?" 2,173. facebook259 Nov 1st, 2020 3:29 pm.

Many people have recommended that you should indicate how a friend or family member is getting a better rate (if it’s true) and also what the competitor is offering.

This entry is filed under Telephony, Vancouver / BC / Canada and written by Peter Keung. Your e-mail address will only be visible to me and not to the public. Good crap, though. To prove you're a person (not a spam script), type the security word shown in the picture. This leads many people to switch providers every year to take advantage of the latest deal.

Shaw already forces customers to prepay 30 days in advance, so adding 30 days to cancel is another method of theirs to scrape every last bit of change out of us.

But, this aggressive and patronizing customer retention I find extremely aggravating. Display posts from previous: All postsLast dayLast 7 daysLast 2 weeksLast monthLast 3 months6 MonthsLast year, Sort by AuthorPost time

They spend most of their day on the phone, and can get tired and cranky like the rest of us. Ryzen 5600x 5800x 5900x 5950x preorder free shipping to Canada, [The Bay] However, they are always running promotions for new customers; and, just like with many cell phone companies, if you are an existing customer, you can get a much better rate if you ask for it. Mark says: I have only dealt with telus so far for my mobile and home services and although some days the internet is slow or my phone may start to glitch from time to time, which can be expected in a consumer based environment where devices are not built to last for ever, they are always extremely helpful and they make sure that you are taken care of. I was polite and said I just want to cancel.

You've gotta talk through one of the front line troops first. For many years I’ve been relatively happy with Shaw’s product and support.

I hope they stay this way.

So not only did shaw need me to call them to get the refund I needed to provide details from this non-standard receipt.

The scenario becomes quite straight forward however beforehand you need to collect some important information: If you are an existing customer, how long have you been a customer? (Sometimes they all ask you for your existing account number no matter what.). save hide report. Rather that argue about them taking 30 days to flip a switch, I just proceeded.

Try without the router. Recently moved into a new place and got shaw for first time. share. At mall kiosks, retail locations, through advertisements, and direct mail, Telus and Shaw run continuous promotions for new customers only. What would be the best thing for me to do? Typically a “new customer” is someone who has not been a customer for the past 30 days to 6 months.

Plum Member Holiday Shopping Event 20% OFF [30% PLUM PLUS] (Nov 5-8 & 12-15) [EMAIL INVITE ONLY] - 20% off $75 ONLINE, [AliExpress] (If you’re looking for a landline phone plan, consider a VoIP provider.) The best approach likely depends on who you talk to. As I've just recently moved here, my bandwidth usage is minimal due to only having laptop. All rights reserved. However, the low rates in their promotions typically don’t last very long (often 3-6 months), at which point the monthly fee can more than double. They also have deals for students, usually around September each year.

Peter's Useful Crap is proudly powered by JackMac says: Shaw is the new Telus. I remember my worst experience where a manager actually accused me "effectively stealing" from Telus because they had been giving me a "loyalty" discount.

Be calm and courteous. If you have been a customer in good standing (i.e. Not sure if this is shaw, the modem, or what. ~~ONE DAY~~ $149.99 Pacific Coast Premium Duck Down Duvet, Reg $500, [Chapters Indigo] Scote64 Nov 1st, 2020 2:55 pm. After a mediocre experience with a smaller Internet provider, I am resigned to using the big companies for Internet and TV services. Fun Updates: I have started to add up savings for the first 12 months of all users who posted their negotiated plans.

I’ve been doing this for well over 10 years and have had many experiences with both Shaw and Telus.

Comment on any of my posts to contact me. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. I am able to max out my connection (upload+download) according to, but it seems inconsistent and jumps around significantly. Have fun! I called to cancel my Shaw account today and was put on hold for no reason for 10 minutes after I said I want to cancel. (Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Manage Consent Do Not Sell My Data), I think you can't call directly to loyalty. and Comments (RSS).

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

There are multiple marketing campaigns running at any time. Join the conversation with thousands of savvy shoppers in Canada’s largest online forum.

For official Shaw support, please visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Share them in the comments! Freedom Mobile 25% off Bill for 12 Months Retention Credit YMMV Computers & Electronics ; Telecom; 25. shaw has got to be the biggest rip off con artists I've dealt with ever my opinion tell me the day I get the wifi box I will have a technition that day and no shows then they say a month away still doesnt work because their outlet does not work on the house and still didnt after the fact so it was cancelled and there sending me a bill for 300 plus that services I never got f..k that! I was given by an agent Shaw Loyalty Team: 1-888-472-2222, [Bhphotovideo] "Where you are moving to?".
However, this is not entirely the case; they have so-called retentions departments who will listen to why you want to leave them and attempt to keep you by giving you a better deal. Just use 611 or go talk to a rep in a store?

It is only recently that after these many years, my experiences with Telus in the past couple months has been very pleasant and supportive. Since Shaw is no longer offering retention deals, I know of 3 subs who are switching over to Telus for Internet, TV, Home Phone & Mobile. For as long as I can remember, Telus has been extremely frustrating to deal with, particularly their overly aggressive customer retention. Ask tech related questions, learn about new products, and get information. This feature lets you determine how good a deal you are getting on toilet paper purchases. Recently moved into a new place and got shaw for first time. This feature lets you quickly set up alerts based on keywords you specify.

The point of my post, however, is that it seems Shaw is now being overly aggressive with their retention.

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