shark wheel electric skateboard review

If you only want to skate in and around your city or only on roads and pavements, this is definitely not the best option out there for you and you’ll get better service for more well-rounded wheels with a harder core.

I went for the 70mm version.

($1,499 Retail, $699 on Super Early Bird), ($1,399 Retail, $599 on Super Early Bird).

Other than that, what really made me excited was its performance in the rain. The best thing about this model is the fact that it provides less friction while adding three lips to the mix. Guys over there combined the round and square shapes into something new!

Comparing the average speed of Rayne Greed wheels to that of Shark wheels. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on All Products(Unless Stated Otherwise)!*.

Okay, so you have “California Roll,” “The one with ABEC Bearings,” “Sidewinder,” and other models at hand to choose from. The wheels perform well when it comes to carving, particularly in the wet. Let me clarify in “Somewhat” detailed points. After a partnership with Mark Cuban and Nick Woodman, the California-based company now offers the best electric longboard and skateboard wheels on the market. In fact, they are exactly a hybrid shape between a cube and a sphere with a contact patch that doesn’t work based on the regular physics’ laws. I’d call him a science whiz.

Instead, we got to see the cube, square, and composite varieties. My name is William and I’m boardsports enthusiast. Performance: From cruising, carving to sliding, these wheels are as good as what is advertised or claimed by the company. But, if anyone has experimentations in mind, feel free to use these with other types of skateboards as well. Pros and beginners alike.

Therefore it can really make your board stand out due to the optical illusion of a “square” wheel. The scale ranges from 78A to 80A. I’ve been skateboarding streets since I was about 9.

Grooves: This is a multi-functional detail that not only breaks fraction easily but also helps aid skating in the rain. What is the material used to make the wheels? This in turn, helps create grip. Less friction touching the ground, less rolling resistance. If one needs these products to ride on roads drenched in rain or slippery sidewalks, he/she should go for 78A wheels.

I loved the performance of these babies with my 23-inch deck.

This in turn, helps create grip. Whenever I was speeding and putting on brakes, I could feel all four of the wheels responding better than my previous sets.

However, can’t deny their improvement at all.

38'' x 9'' deck (7 ply Canadian Maple and 1 ply Fiberglass), Shred Lights available at a heavily discounted price, Make sure your country allows electric skateboards to ship - please check before ordering, 38'' x 9'' deck (10 ply Canadian Maple and 1 ply Fiberglass).

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