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When a bounty can no longer be completed, it will drop plates as a reward. Deleted first all COD Modern Warfare folders after uninstalling in Documents and Program files. (This worked for me), SOLUTION 2: Some have said changing priority in task manager to either real-time or normal has worked for some people, SOLUTION 3: Reinstalling the specific driver for Warzone from NVIDIA has worked for some.

SOLUTION 8: Opening up more space on the HDD/SDD the game is installed on. Give that a go? If this works for none, then fk me right? Is no one going to say how stupid this is for a AAA game... Not to mention COD of all things. Yooooo! Hey everyone! The issue, the user believes, stems from Warzone's nerf to armor plate spawns. As a network engineer, Ditdr spends 40+ hours a week on troubleshooting, and their skills have led to finding the reason why Warzone is crashing. Anyone know what’s going on? There's an issue with Call of Duty: Warzone bounties and it's causing entire servers to crash. I've been looking all over for any possible fixes but nothing worked. No wonder people are grinding the game wanting to get good at it.

What settings will pull more power from GPU? After last crash I've noticed that colors on my screen are darker so i realized cod tried to change my output dynamic range. Go to your CoD directory and delete all files except the "main", "BlizzardBrowser" and "Data" folders. Ive updated drivers, minimized settings, disabled background apps and nothing has worked. After i finally got fed up with the 20 different methods i used, I was finally ready to uninstall, until I found a random article and random reddit users personal fix.

Now, I don't know for sure if these will work for you or not but they did for me. If you're looking to try out the upcoming Call of Duty title, its Beta is just around the corner. I remember I had a problem with that setting in PUBG.

I’ve put texture resolution on high, that seems to help a little bit. SOLUTION 9: Disabling OC and maybe even undervolting as to not let CPU get to 100% if you’re having that problem. Hunting for a Call of Duty: Warzone crashing fix is the last thing you wanting to be doing, but stopping those PC crashes is the only way to play. My problem was that i was using WIRELESS BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES.

Happy camping! Hey Fellow Redditors! Did the same for Modern Warfare Launcher cuz at this point I will do anything. My game would crash to desktop just sitting in the main menu, doing nothing.

/r/CODWarzone is a developer-recognized community focused on the title. When I play warzone it randomly crashes at random times, the game runs fine it just up and crashes. I've signed up to Reddit for the sole and only purpose of saying THANK YOU, for putting and end to days of misery!

Log in sign up. Does it crash to desktop or give a black screen that requires a hard reset? On top of that, the game mode is absolutely free to play. Had this issue just last night this solution seems to have fixed it! So now all I have set is the graphic settings in Step 2 for the regular exectuable. The bug tends to occur around the 3rd circle onwards, so it's not a common issue at the beginning of games. I'm using DirectX12 on my PC so I think you will have to do "-d3d11" if you're running DX11. Yooooo! Literally every game I’ve played and it’s been multiple different errors on the BSOD. The Battle Royale mode has an interesting currency system while having multiple other features such as the Gulag mechanic and gas zones. Once i was able to get back in I only ran Discord in the background and then I was able to play some games. it was a life saver and now i get to enjoy the game! This is what worked for me (Not 100% sure as it has only been working for a few minutes, but much longer than before which was about 30-60 seconds), Right click the modern warfare icon on your desktop, CHECK the box that says Disable Fullscreen Optimization", CHECK the box that says Disable Fullscreen Optimization" again, In the top left corner click on "Properties", On the left Click "Advanced System Settings", Uncheck the top box that says "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives", Read on the bottom where it says Recommended, mine says 2937 MB for example (UPDATE I PUT 15000) INSTEAD, Put that number in both of the slots (Initial size (MB) and Maximum size (MB), Pray to our lord and savior Jesus Christ that this works.

Then when I had the lucky chance to get in a game, 1 minute later it would crash, no error code. First time we managed to play maybe 3 minutes of warzone before the BSOD. It seems that a new issue is arising in Warzone, that's affecting many matches in the popular battle royale. All i did was changing the game path, try to execute as a adm but cmd just pop in and out.Game still crashing.

EDIT: Finally was able to play without a crash.

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