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This book is ideal for Brazilian and European Portuguese learners at a beginner level. The simplicity of the genre is all that’s needed to captivate readers, young and old. Filipino Mandarin

Brazilian Portuguese differs somewhat in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation from the language of Portugal. There’s a video to watch, a story to read, and a song to listen to in order to practice different skills.

French Experience language immersion online Portuguese Coming Soon! Tamil 0000003063 00000 n 195 0 obj <> endobj xref 195 32 0000000016 00000 n Spanish L�0O� ��}�l�Z4/= �*�\��J�0��Fř?� �_%�U��}�9R����g��Lx��[�Z�pD${�ŕ _��@� German Gujarati Portuguese 0000044344 00000 n Polish

Portuguese Cantonese 0000043920 00000 n English Mandarin Bengali 1075789 English "Evon if we sold it later, it would give us a profit equal to a pig of 126 pounds." Bengali Italian

H�\Wɮ$� ����:ʇ)e2����` ����0|�`��u���&���w��dt.\�AV9~y��ˣ�>ʹ����Q�_�����g9~>��|+�/�?��||�|����|�d�������G-�������"�Cῤ�s������Fi���wǟ��>�YJѸ��U�o�$g���T��>�? You can do this by going to the story’s Wikipedia page and changing the language to Portuguese in the bottom left of the sidebar—that should give you the title in both Brazilian and European dialects. Polish Portuguese German Click here to get a copy. Any comments will be warmly welcomed at the contact form. Here’s why: A Portuguese program is currently in development so stay tuned for an immersive, entertaining way to learn, coming soon! All Rights Reserved.

Urdu This book offers an immersive way to learn the Portuguese grammar, vocabulary and verbs. Portuguese. Here are our top picks: A collection of easy short stories devised to offer a vocab ‘refresher’ for beginner to intermediate European Portuguese learners. The language used in these stories is more conversational and is presented in a manner that reflects how a present-day Portuguese person might tell the story themselves.

Greetings Useful Expressions Language Help Directions Introductions Meeting People Money Going … Prepare to embark on a literary journey towards linguistic precision—one short story at a time. German trailer <]>> startxref 0 %%EOF 226 0 obj<>stream

Turkish These short stories have been specially curated to help students build up their vocabulary and improve their overall knowledge of the Portuguese language. Mandarin �lYsT��۴�$P��XQg��;��[email protected]�;�x^Gڵ�r�H����� ��@/qC+ב���iv�"� �=l |g��l}2~vE�/&iHH����"lG۸qs�҈�P��7�7:�j߸ӂ�:��u (N'�| p� ?�Lj���.H�hyF���iF�rp`1�D-�K+�ณf���p��/���@�b�E���e��s4����l����Ru��些�R� �. FluentU is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Urdu Using pictures and simple, easy to read words, the children are introduced to a group of fascinating characters that they can easily identify with. look up unknown Portuguese words in a dictionary. Gujarati Wait, you didn’t know that? Bengali Arabic Turkish Polish Portuguese Portugal, officially the Portuguese Republic, located in south western Europe on the Iberian Peninsula, is the western most country of mainland Europe.

Whether you are dating a Portuguese speaker, learning the language for business purposes, or planing to spend your next vacation in Brazil, these sentences will surely help you improve your communication skills. This beginner-friendly story, which is nicely accompanied by visuals, follows an imaginative little boy who wishes he had a cheerful little donkey as his friend. As the young protagonist talks to the different animals she meets on her adventure, she discovers a surprising answer to her curious queries. Authentic Brazilian …

Mandarin After all, these tales remind us of the morals and lessons we’ve learned throughout our lives. Punjabi �� �bH��Nj��,� e�c����[email protected]��h �@ ��5��� '+�:3��l�F$5�L�5�(5�:,�1���$°I0��@2.���T�� P�!� F�J8��FR 3��EаE��+��,C

As your comprehension becomes more advanced, you’ll be able to benefit from the vast array of literary content available in public domain libraries from Brazil and Portugal—all of which can be legally downloaded for free. Spanish The Swirly Studios app (available on Android and iOS) features a series of activities and exercises built around the classic short story “Iracema,” by Brazilian author José de Alencar. Bengali All stories, Read in: There are 21 stories available in Portuguese (Português). Romanian Vocabulary phrase lists, English translations and reading comprehension exercises accompany each tale to ensure students are getting the full picture. Both Brazilian and European Portuguese schoolchildren alike study this story in its original incarnation. German Welsh, Read in: Russian

Somali Written by: The World Language Institute of Spain and Christian Stahl. Mandarin Today we’re going to practice with a popular children’s story, The Ugly Duckling, or in Portuguese, O Patinho Feio. The great thing is, there are quite a few options like these around! Bengali Here we have a collection of humorous short stories with a varied mix of genres. Spanish Read in: English Portuguese. Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. From the gorgeous forests of Brazil to the fantastic beaches of Portugal and a number of desirable locales in between, there's a lot to love in Portuguese-speaking countries, and accordingly, more individuals than ever before are taking the initiative to learn the language. For instance, you could make a list of the stories and fairy tales you grew up reading and try to find their Portuguese alternatives. English Portuguese, Read in: French The version we’re linking here is the Portuguese version, and includes a glossary of European Portuguese terms to help young minds make sense of the text they’re reading—a resource which could be just as useful for beginners studying the continental dialect themselves. German 0000054768 00000 n Pashto Polish 0000044319 00000 n For the avid bookworms among us, here are a few extra tidbits that provide access to those minuscule tales we all love.

Arabic Romanian 0000100914 00000 n A Maldição. Italian Each short story focuses on a different aspect of the daily routine, following a logical structure as it guides learners through all the standard language essentials they need to know.

The late Lesley Stephens, who preferred to go by the Lusophone pen name Rosa Stevens, lived in Portugal since the 1970s and dedicated more than 25 years of her life to teaching children to read and write in Portuguese. English 0000002625 00000 n “Portuguese Short Stories for Beginners: 10 Thrilling and Captivating Stories to Expand Your Vocabulary and Learn Portuguese While Having Fun”, “Short Stories in Portuguese (Portuguese Edition)”, “Learn Portuguese Parallel Text: Easy Stories English-Portuguese”, “The Life of Cleopatra – Bilingual Book (Portuguese-English)”, The Ultimate Guide to Learning Portuguese with News. 71v��w�2/�\��`�E A Lendo de Mafumeira. Turkish, Read in: Polish


Experience language immersion onlinePortuguese Coming Soon! A Formiga e o Elefante.

Somali French Turkish

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