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For the record, the first film to receive an Academy Award of Merit for best picture (then called Outstanding Production) was Wings. From human-sized penguins to a new discovery about the "Lovers of Modena" skeletons, here are 19 interesting facts from 2019. The data marketing company Epsilon Data Management claims on its website to have “insights on virtually every U.S. consumer.”Ad Giant Wins Over Disney With Big Data Pitch, 73.

Harry Houdini left precise instructions with his wife and friends as to just how he would reach out, if it were possible, after his death.Inside the Secret Sting Operations to Expose Celebrity Psychics, 20. Updated regularly as new facts emerge. Updated 2019, More Coachella facts and statistics than you will ever need to know including history, attendance and revenue totals and much more. The jingle debuted in 2003 and turned into McDonald’s longest-running marketing campaign. Each day, our editors collect the most interesting, striking or delightful facts to appear in that day’s stories throughout the paper. 64. From pop culture to space, math to literature, and everything in between, 2019 was a year full of amazing discoveries. 71. Get in Line, 57.

The longest of the dashes — roughly the length of the letter “M” — the em dash is still largely undefined.The Em Dash Divides, 58. The famed mouse was co-created by Disney and Ub Iwerks, Disney’s long-time friend and fellow animator. The film White Christmas came out in 1954. That’s right, pop culture trivia fans. by Kayla Yandoli A note to readers who are not subscribers: This article from the Reader Center does not count toward your monthly free article limit. In 1969, the sculptor Siah Armajani wrote a Fortran program to plot the dimensions of a tower large enough to cast a shadow over the entire state of North Dakota. More WWE statistics and facts than you will ever need to know including revenue totals and much more.

WWE Statistics and Facts (2020) | By the Numbers, SpongeBob SquarePants Facts and Statistics (2020) | By the Numbers, SDCC Facts and Statistics (2020) | By the Numbers, The Handmaid’s Tale Facts and Statistics (2020) | By the Numbers, Stranger Things Facts and Statistics (2020) | By the Numbers, Coachella Facts and Statistics (2020) | By the Numbers, 15 K-Pop Facts and Statistics (2020) | By the Numbers, 15 Game of Thrones Facts and Statistics (2020) | By the Numbers, Shark Tank Facts and Statistics (2020) | By the Numbers, Oscars Facts and Statistics (2020) | By the Numbers, Mannequin Challenge Statistics | By the Numbers, 27 Harry Potter Facts (2020) | By the Numbers, 28 Emoji Facts and Statistics (2020) | By the Numbers, 15 Hamilton Facts and Statistics (2020) | By the Numbers, 10 Vintage TV Commercials You Won’t Believe You Forgot, By the Numbers: 39 Amazing Star Wars Statistics and Fun Facts, By the Numbers: 100 Amazing Disney Statistics and Fun Facts (March 2016), 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sesame Street (Sesame Street Facts), The Top 10 Richest People of All Time (Infographic), 10 Awesome Cereals of the 80’s That Aren’t Around Anymore, 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Walt Disney World. Before its atomic red, extremely sweet bouquet came to dominate school cafeterias and birthday parties nationwide, Hawaiian Punch was sold as a cocktail mixer for adults and came in two flavors.How Big Tobacco Hooked Children on Sugary Drinks, 25. An increase of just one star in a rating on Amazon correlates with a 26 percent increase in sales, according to a recent analysis by the e-commerce consulting firm Pattern.When Is a Star Not Always a Star? Berlin originally thought “Be Careful, It’s My Heart” would be the hit song from Holiday Inn, but “White Christmas” spent 11 weeks on the top of the Billboard charts in 1942 alone. An exhaustive ranking of everything good that has happened in film, TV, celebrity news, and memedom this year .

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Elton John is Eminem’s A.A. sponsor.Elton John Puts Down in Words How Wonderful (and Weird) Life Has Been. Pop culture trivia isn’t as simple as you might think, now is it? Updated for 2019, More SDCC facts and statistics than you will ever need to know including history, attendance and much more. “The Office” is Netflix’s most-watched show. We recommend our users to update the browser. All Stats and Fun Facts, Entertainment Statistics and Fun Facts, Pop Culture Statistics and Fun Facts 10 Vintage TV Commercials You Won’t Believe You Forgot Here is a quick rundown of the 10 vintage TV commercials I stumbled on recently for a history project I am working on and I had to share the nostalgia. Here is an interesting infographic which runs down the top 10 richest people and how much they were actually worth. Penn Station is today the busiest transit hub in the Western Hemisphere, through which more than 600,000 commuters pass each day.When the Old Penn Station Was Demolished, New York Lost Its Faith. Mauritania was the last country to outlaw slavery, in 1981.4,000 Miles, Seven Countries: An African Adventure on Two Wheels, 10. (They changed the name back to Reds in 1959. Everything you could possible ever want to know about Harry Potter including sales, release dates, values and more. Barry Nelson. 5. Updated 2019, More Shark Tank facts and stats than you will ever need to know including funding totals and more. One in four cowboys during what is known as the Pioneer Era, which began following the Civil War in 1865 and ended around 1895, were black, according to historians.Restoring Black Cowboys to the Range, 65. In 2018, injections of Botox — the No. Updated for 2019, More The Handmaid’s Tale statistics and facts than you will ever need to know including show history and much more. Elizabethan preachers condemned coal as literally the Devil’s excrement.A Sensible Climate Change Solution, Borrowed From Sweden, 13. Across the world, only 9 percent of all the plastic ever made has been recycled.Would You Drink Water Out of a Can? Nicolas Sarkozy, French president from 2007 to 2012, was known during his time in office as “President Bling-Bling,” thanks to his affinity for Rolexes and Ray-Bans and his tendency to favor an elevated heel.The Freudian Loafer, the Intellectual and the Politician’s Son. So how big has “Hamilton” become? One well-studied border collie named Rico knew 200 objects by name and, like a toddler, could infer the names of novel objects by excluding things with labels he already knew.How to Talk to Dogs, 30. The Taiwanese artist Shu Lea Cheang’s piece “Garlic=Rich Air” (2002-2003) imagined a postcapitalist society in which currency would be replaced by garlic.The Art of the Internet, Restored and Out in the World, 9.

A single carp can produce 2,000 babies a season.Fish Cannons, Koi Herpes and Other Tools to Combat Invasive Carp, 46. The 2018-19 season was the first time more than half of the television episodes produced in a year were directed by women or people of color, according the Directors Guild of America.Study of TV Directors Finds Record Level of Diversity, 78.

The number of nuns in the United States has collapsed to below 50,000 today from 180,000 in 1965.These Millennials Got New Roommates. But Not in These Plays. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I would’ve guessed 4 or 5 of them, but definitely not #1…. By Alexandria Symonds, Jake Lucas, Katie Van Syckle and Terence McGinley. Americans have among the lowest levels of happiness and work-life balance in the developed world.Work in America Is Greedy. Blonde. In 2014, James D. Watson, who shared a 1962 Nobel Prize for describing the double-helix structure of DNA, became the first living Nobelist to sell his medal.James Watson Had a Chance to Salvage His Reputation on Race.

The fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld had 300 iPods.The Last Designer, 17. In the past, books were more often borrowed than bought, even among middle-class Victorians, who would pay to join for-profit circulating libraries so that they could rent books and get rid of them after reading.Recalling a Time When Books Could Give You Indigestion. Nearly 10 horses a week, on average, died at American racetracks in 2018, a rate that is anywhere from two and a half to five times greater than in the rest of the racing world.At the Kentucky Derby, Prayers for a Safe Race, 38. Keep reading to see 25 mind-blowing pop culture facts that will make you feel ancient, from the demise of YM magazine and other 2000s trends to … Child abandonment was once routine; in ancient Rome, 20 percent to 40 percent of babies were left to die of exposure.Raising Kids Isn’t Easy. Common animal-derived ingredients found in beauty products include squalene (shark liver oil), carmine (crushed-up beetles), allantoin (cow urine), ambergris (whale vomit) and placenta (sheep organs).Why You Should Care About Vegan Beauty, 19. Pepsi Wants to Find Out, 48. Anime refers to Japanese animation that’s either hand drawn or created digitally. Here are 79 of our very favorites.

41. 1 aesthetic procedure since 1999, according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery — were up 16.3 percent from the year before.Are You Ready for Drive-Thru Botox? Updated for 2019, More Stranger Things statistics and facts than you will ever need to know including viewer totals and much more. (He was immune from prosecution. Think you’re a Disney expert? The next year, it was published in the United States as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Disney came up with the idea, and Iwerks “refined and further developed” the character. 63. It weighed more than 30 tons and included 17,468 vacuum tubes.The Secret History of Women in Coding, 15. NASA engineers, in the 1980s, once guessed that Sally Ride would need 100 tampons for a week in space.Toxic Men Get All the Attention. In 2014, a survey found that the YouTube celebrity PewDiePie was more popular with American teenagers than Katy Perry, Johnny Depp or Leonardo DiCaprio.What Does PewDiePie Really Believe? Here is a collection of some of the most interesting pop culture statistics and fun facts I have stumbled across in my internet travels. A toilet seat, on the other hand, has an average of about 50 per square inch.Should You Take Your Shoes Off at Home? Her theft in 1911, and a trip to the Met in New York and the National Gallery in Washington in 1962-3 made her a global media sensation.Want to See the Mona Lisa? In 2016, the Broadway show “Hamilton” certainly did this and more while cleaning house at the box office and at the Tony Awards. You can thank American rapper Pusha T for getting an endless refrain of “Ba da ba ba ba” stuck in your head, Rolling Stone reports.

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