oecta collective agreement pdf

0000003301 00000 n Provisions in collective agreements between OECTA and English language separate district school boards which delay movement through and across salary grids in accordance with experience and qualifications until the 97th day of the school year shall be deemed to be null and void 3.01 No Teacher, as defined in Article 1.01 (a) shall be governed by this Agreement; trailer 0000002244 00000 n %%EOF %%EOF 0000002786 00000 n 749 0 obj <> endobj ]�NP���q�;�oV5�_|Xta�U�lK!���^���V�F4��O��\׺��9X玻��]s��� "��pٜP��$ݏ�A[��9� 3|����5���V��ۼ̤��'l�z�{���L���E�a����-m� ���Y��-���w��V����]�W����[&t��^b�8�*ezȿ�i��6�D�菇�41$J�$��q�i/:c#�uB��=[M0�R..�E�[ߣ����p���g�\k���AG�p!S�jry�m���F��W�â��o�\��t��7���R��[[email protected]��ֆ��-zAZl. ��~q�ݛ�EoN��������Ҏ�����zp�_V3�����J��qg���ٺ�X��U)K�ڄ}|�u�,���.�$=��\Q�Q�/J��F�d`�n��� � ݋� Part 1 General Role and Responsibility The Association Representative, or Association “Rep” has been called many names over ... Settlement tentative agreement 10. X�Ļ ��M�&�1cX9����"w�ē��Zuޅɍ�d�^ endstream endobj startxref 0000000016 00000 n �YS�E �`"P�&Г�t�q&�Ѕ�:�����j�cLoX���^��1�`�%L���&3�\П"�sK��= +���.���L��)HS0 ���`��x�aσ���Ӧ�O�,��������̲��2�����Pd���G�v5ˇ"m n�q� ��) 1846 0 obj <> endobj Whereas the Collective Bargaining Committee has been appointed by the Teachers to represent them in meeting with the Board to establish salary schedules, allowances, benefit plans and certain conditions of employment related thereto for the school years 2008/2012 including a procedure for settling grievances arising under this agreement; 2.02 The Board Recognizes the Association as the exclusive bargaining agent for all Occasional Teachers employed by the board. stream V�ZpV����gV�R�=����]q� 0000005447 00000 n 0000005410 00000 n <>
%PDF-1.5 %���� L��]�Iq0p8�mgbPb�`3`/�{ �`�P��������hd`P`p`h`�8V���;��2�[email protected]\�� � � �

0 x�bb������8�f�;��1�G�c4>F1=� � �O � 0000003646 00000 n 0000004190 00000 n X�Ļ ��M�&�1cX9����"w�ē��Zuޅɍ�d�^ 0000031712 00000 n ARTICLE 3 – SCOPE . 0000029656 00000 n @�c��h`� b֎ m�30Gt40��@aA R������[email protected]& �8#�b�J�x �X���q � �&�> _(H�G��V�TM��4�h`6�(S4ģk�&�|�ρ� �S� stream 0000001615 00000 n h�b```��,��@(� APPENDIX I . OECTA DEAL WITH GOVERNMENT - QUESTIONS 0000003692 00000 n 1. And in accordance with the terms of the Provincial Discussion Table (PDT) Agreement dated May 1, 2008 for the 2008-2012 Collective Agreement, the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board and Dufferin-Peel (OECTA) are committed to improve student achievement, reduce gaps in student outcomes and increase confidence in publicly funded education. %PDF-1.4 %����

Part 2 Role in Collective Bargaining ... OECTA ASSOCIATION REPRESENTATIVE HANDBOOK 2007 –08. Provisions in collective agreements between OECTA and English language separate district school boards which delay movement through and across salary grids in accordance with experience and qualifications until the 97th day of the school year shall be deemed to be null and void and thereafter, 771 0 obj <>stream 1864 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[]/Index[1846 28]/Info 1845 0 R/Length 88/Prev 373293/Root 1847 0 R/Size 1874/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream �x�$#����̌�-Γ��\i�]��2?���(�y2�;O�#����CNI��x�'{� D� 9�[email protected]��(��a!dA:�|�F��U�X����4Tm ;N�U�*n�*Y`fz�cD�#�? stream endstream endobj 770 0 obj <>/Size 749/Type/XRef>>stream 2 0 obj

and the provisions of the Collective Agreement. 0000031541 00000 n 0000001423 00000 n Sick Leave Benefit Plan . OECTA – MEMORANDUM OF SETTLEMENT – CENTRAL TERMS . <> 0000004268 00000 n 0000003961 00000 n endobj consultation with OECTA, by August 31, 2014.PDF Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministy of Education and the. What Does the Law Say? x�b```b``�����������؁����� !x����Cp¯�/����> 9��@AÖ���؄8ְ����Щ�KDJ�4Kp8�߫��~yݑj�;��r�.6�ЋX�/����Y�eӤ�SC[M���K��|�6i��Nj�Jv-��W�X��hF��A�%�n57����Zؘd87 ��cf��p j��a�P$B ء X�`&h�ʡpb�L��Q�HqX�*?S���� Ultimately, the impetus has been to provide Association members with a practical and OECTA-friendly resource. %PDF-1.6 %����

h�bbd``b`I�kA�+�� $�[�S!�;�U� n��"�A�(+�WHpE�:Y �����~�b``[email protected]����'@� �1 0000003738 00000 n endstream endobj 750 0 obj <>/Outlines 132 0 R/Metadata 232 0 R/PieceInfo<>>>/Pages 229 0 R/PageLayout/OneColumn/StructTreeRoot 234 0 R/Type/Catalog/LastModified(D:20150524222718)/PageLabels 227 0 R>> endobj 751 0 obj <>/ColorSpace<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/ExtGState<>>>/Type/Page>> endobj 752 0 obj <> endobj 753 0 obj <> endobj 754 0 obj <> endobj 755 0 obj [/Indexed 761 0 R 5 764 0 R] endobj 756 0 obj [/Indexed 761 0 R 0 767 0 R] endobj 757 0 obj <> endobj 758 0 obj <> endobj 759 0 obj <> endobj 760 0 obj <>stream H��V�N�H}�W�cm���-��H0��0a��}X��8&�*ػ�G��Vwǹ86ì�!ͩS�O]&Ip~�w��+�����j X��Y[��6~��Ф��N�^�[23ئ�(�O���/�nm���K�"��>I���q��@��yx���/>�8�����}�J�g����-�K����/T�?>�����?�kŊ implementation of the Education Act and OECTA collective agreements. ;�6������lC 0000000772 00000 n ��͜�r�' �[email protected] �4�$FId�*ݞ" xref r�zm�� The school board will provide a sick leave/short-term leave and disability plan which will provide sick leave days and short-term leave and disability coverage to 0000028722 00000 n 0000008141 00000 n 0

<]>> 0000031487 00000 n �̾����8,���q��~uu�^�X [0������Pq�����?>V����O���������k��+���~ڼ�{�~p�kn�����uTY���9q�A�".�[�T�|u'�+��Ԭ���%��/�? Ratification 11. .L�\�A%�b��J%��� � 6 U_\:`��Ac�% ����30. _��Y�x}��uZ.�~O�i]�˦*]��)��[� yh5f��1M�U�.2�*6M��0�VU��I�֋�{ADĀ�9���\�:$��X-��1ay�9z��:/���,]��. 0000028792 00000 n !��搼#���� �� {`�S3¥��j�.ߑHv\��-�7`ю�;�P*Ak���92�ٗ/�4�����C��_� /�� ;yIɈ>���+��=_f�ǎ/��c�5��/#�j����-�KhV� ������$ ��qH���_��io�uQ��U�O��w���\K�q(�1�TF��2�TE���a^)\U�7<9�:}.�u�̂�½���'HN�jz�7y�\�Տ� 0000001895 00000 n Permanent Teachers Collective Agreement 2012 - 2014Dec 16, 2014. endobj

]� N�@K�20v�i6�
Under the Education Act, Ontario Regulation 298 – Operation of Schools is the primary statutory reference for department heads. 1873 0 obj <>stream startxref ?��n����. endstream Collective Agreements After the Putting Students First Act was Repealed) 14 5.2 Ministry’s Overall Projected Net Cost Reductions 14 5.2.1 Original Savings Projections Based on the OECTA MOU and the Putting Students First Act ($2,442 million) 15 5.2.2 Cost of Revisions to Collective Agreements endstream


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