northern irish slang quiz

Example – “I love Tayto cheese and onion so I do”. Grzałka bojlera, Example – “What buck eejit left the immersion on?”. Example – “Marty have ye seen the new Glens tap? Literally translated as “Please be quiet.”. Example: This is a person offering a lift in a car/van/tractor to another person. The nonsense part of it. Next Poll coming after my book launch Backpacking Centurion Volume 1 (OUT NOW) -, Jonny Blair Growing up in Northern Ireland, we always had our own slang. Ten / ta / to, Example – “Does this bus go intill town?”, The best footballer for the Northern Ireland team on the pitch

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Husband: Just you get yourself a lovely wee dress for the wedding. Example: A: Timmy fell through the roof last night. The price of thon is a terra.

Galeria Newtowards (Centrum Handlowe w Newtownardsa). Example – “Take the number 7 off, he’s wick so he is”. It can contain any of these, but preferably as big as possible.

Example – “the bogs are absolutely boggin so they are”.

If you go into a shop… Sales Assistant: ‘Bout ye? Ten rzecz (this is probably wrong, no idea how to describe it). Example – “Thon DVD player’s banjaxed so it is”. How are you?

Zatrzask, Example – “Did ye put the snib on Gerry?”, (just learn it and add it to almost every presently important sentence), (just learn it and add it to almost every past tense story related sentence), Look at how ridiculous you look I have taught in Kindergartens, Primary Schools and Secondary Schools. Meaning: Food. Example – “Put yer fleg and yer tap intill yer beg and stop yer gurnin’ will ye”. Now put in your wee pin number. Example – “Larne won the League? Three hundred pound? Powiedziałem jej, Home heating boiler system

Example – “Away to Woolco and buy me a gravy ring”. Feb 2, 2016. “Let's go to the offie and buy some beer” Oul: Old. However, part of me LOVES the creativity of the English language. Wise up: “Don’t be so stupid and/or immature”.

Example:A: Here, do you remember the time Johnny got the tractor stuck in the ditch?B: Aye, I do rightly. Example – “Wee Jimmy’s down the park playing passy shooty in so he is”. Sarah Arnold. 2.Gaelic

Example – “Can you put my fleg and my tap intill my beg?”. Odmrożenia i hipotermia. “Tell us your craic?” From the English ‘crack’ meaning a good time.

Follow and like Northern Irishman in Poland: Your email address will not be published. Then I’ve got to get my tan done and….B: Will you houl yer whisht? Fed up, annoyed, embarrassed mostly in a ridiculously Belfastic fashion It was a mix of: 1.English Example – “Jimmy have you seen the new Norn Iron tap yet? The photo below if my Mum’s fry up for me after I came home to Northern Ireland in 2014 for the first time in well over 2 years…. “I’m delighted, so I am”, Stall the ball: “Stop what you’re doing immediately”, Tayto cheese and onion sandwich: A local delicacy. He’s a buck eejit. Wziąć alkohol na wynos. “I hope Norn Iron win the World Cup” Nuck: Steal. Quare craic so it is. Example – “Jamember thon time when yer man was lit”. Save. Example – “Bate thon Ulster fry intill ye”. “You poor Critter”, Dead-On: Good, decent e.g “I like him, he’s dead-on”, Duck/rare duck: Eccentric person, e.g. Example – “Sort yerself out, state of ye”. Yer havin’ me on so ye are”. Take your wee card out. Get a grip of yourself and sort yourself out This glossary was created by Channel 4, with additional terms and notes from i. Derry Girls is on Channel 4 on Thursdays at 10pm. Of Scottish origin, from the Middle English ‘bolke’, Brit: A member of the British armed forces, Catch yourself on: “Don’t be so ridiculous”, Cack attack: A state of extreme nervousness e.g. Uprawiać seks z tą piękną dziewczyną.

Everything is going well now, but this happened suddenly and recently All information, photos and writing are by Jonny Scott Blair, unless otherwise stated. 5 months ago. 2.

Do you remember how it was so mucky and he couldn’t get it towed out?A: I sure do, and the peelers had to help him out with it and they all got boggin’.B: It was some ogeous handlin’. Example – “Is thingy goin’ till the Norn Iron game the day?”, Example – “Here you, can you pass me thon thingymajig?”, That exact one that we speak of Example – “Wind the windy down and shout ‘get er bucked’ till yer woman”. Example – “I recognise yer man there, what’s he out of?”. by mariette. A: Jimmy, would you take yer wellies off before you come into the house? Middle English word probably from the phrase “muck in”, meaning to help. Zamknij się, albo/lub cię uderzę. All they ever do is go on about their children or how the husband didn’t come home on time last night. It’s beezer so it is”. If you are courtin‘ someone, you are dating them.

Wino Buckfasto z tonikiem. Pączek (if it had a hole in it). Example – “yer man was well snared so he was”. Norn Iron: Slang/dialect. Even those in the Republic of Ireland looked at me as if I had two heads.

This quiz takes a look at some of the interesting slang that I encountered and the blunders I made trying to grasp the local dialect. Example: Robić ‘Poznań’ (except without turning your back).

For many people outside the North, the accent is attractive, but it’s still confusing AF. You are an asshole and I am coming to get you Yes, we really do say that too often, so we do. Zakłopotany. Example:A: Here, Timmy, did you ever call that taxi?B: I did aye. 5 months ago. Chłopcy ganiają dziewczyny w szkole by je pocałować (i nawzajem). Artur Boruc. Example: I kid you not…, Tasty Northern Irish food – bate it intill ye. Example:A: Timmy fell through the roof last night.B: What was he at?A: He locked himself out and he was trying to get through the window.B: He was not…. It covers all bases. Example – “I’ve had enough, I’m off on a wee dander so I am”. Your email address will not be published. Przyłapać. They’re boggin’. Example: On jest terrorystą z UVF, To criticise someone and make them feel stupid Here’s your wee receipt. Park football term which means anyone on that team can be goalkeeper as long as only one goalkeeper touches the ball on any one attack intill the box Wystzko dobrze teraz, ale wcoraj nie bylo. Example – “It was quare craic so it was”. Takeaway alcohol, and alcohol only, not food. Example – “Them there boys across the water don’t get it so they don’t”. Who needs Queen's English when you've got northern English? 1. Ogarnij się. Example – “See that 50 yarder from David Healy, it was beezer so it was”. Penalty kick (in football) To help, here’s a handy guide to the Derry Girls’ lingo: Ascared: Combination of the words afraid and scared e.g.“I’m ascared of heights”, Banjaxed: Broken e.g. 4.Good old Northern Irish banter. Example – “Yer car’s up and running again Jimmy, now yer suckin’ diesel”. Craic: Fun, but also news e.g. (it just doesn’t translate into English or Polish). “a female Inbetweeners set during the Troubles”, When the Nevada result will be out, why it's taken so long and how many votes it has, Who is winning 2020 US election? A term of endearment for people who are silly, or a bit of an idiot. I spent a few years living in Northern Ireland (or Norn Iron as Belfast natives would pronounce it). Messing or fooling around, up to no good “This pub is really oul” Oul-Doll: Old Lady. Wait… WHAT. Poland Poll!! “That oul-doll looks like your Ma” Oul-Lad: Old Man. Quit yer gurning. Biało i zielony, kibice z Irlandii Północnej, A funny thing, person or situation

Example – “Wee Jimmy’s down the park playing tackly shooty in so he is”. No, not a word for bathroom activities. I’ll run ye over sure.”. / Jak tam? 3.Ulster Scots Example – (Barry Hunter, 1996) “What about our wee country”.

Wile: Very or terrible. Example:A: I can’t stand work. etc.

An object. Derry Girls review: a female Inbetweeners – set during the Troubles, Most highly anticipated TV dramas of 2018, The biggest new TV shows coming to Netflix in 2018, The biggest new and returning TV shows on Amazon Prime in 2018. Example – “At school in Norn Iron, everybody plays ‘catchy kissy’ so they do”. Złe znęcanie się. Example:

English phrase translation (roughly) It’s not a doughnut or a Pączek, it’s a GRAVY RING!

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