mu 2 private server

Mu Online was created in 2001 by Korean company Webzen, since then MU have been dominating RPG Online gaming world. ⏩Drop: 60%.

Ancient F.O Items on Land Of Trials Drop 35% [EXP 9999x] [DROP 100] [SEASON 4 EPISODE 6] [FREE VIP] [FREE START CREDITS] [10k START STATS] [MAX STATS 32767] [DAILY EVENTS] [EASY EXC ITEMS] [SPOTS IN ALL MAPS] [GRAND RESET SYSTEM] [ONLINE 24/7] [FRIENDLY COMMUNITY] [ADVANCED ADMINS] [POINTS PER... Mu Migration Online Season 6 Ep.3 Experiencia 500x - 300x Sistema Party Exp.

65k Stats season 15 X50 noreset X10 X500. Look at MU Online in a new way! Points Per Reset: There is nothing superfluous on the server, unlike other MuOnline worlds. Season 15 | x50 XP and 500 XP | True PVP Balance | Progressive and Dynamic Gameplay | Premium Files and Stability | PLAY TO WIN | FREE TO PLAY | Check our Videos on Youtube: Paragon Network!! * FUN SERVER Reset Points: 250 The global project Event MuOnline Season 3 Episode 10 has no analogues in the world. For best experience while browsing servers on our top list, please Enable Javascript in your browser. mg=500

Reset: 400

Toplist reset in 25 days, 9 hours and 44 minutes. Balanced PVP and PVE. 18 00 UA! Online Since 2012 Q1

Complete Season 6 Episode 3

Master Experience 45x

Our team has done everything for you to enjoy playing on our server.

Wings & items from S14,S15 !! Season 4 SERVIDORES EXTREMELY HARD NON-PAY TO Version Season 6 E3 Server Medium 25x Drop 35% [General] Max Stats 65k Reset limit 200 Spots 6 mobs [Hot 7] Buffers NPC 220 3 IPs Por account Resetlvl 400 Cost 500.000.000 ResetsPoints 400... Versión: Season 6 Episodio 3 Experiencia: 500x - 300x Item Drop: 40% Stats Máximos: 65.000 Reset: 400 Puntos por Reset: Ninguno Borra Puntos: No Grand Reset: 200 Master Level: 400 Master Exp: 10x. Feel the power of forbidden magic!

Explore and fight! X9999 , X500 and X20 Season 15 Servers. the free-to-play fantasy RPG based on the legendary Continent of MU! Play to win: RealMU!!!

Global MU Online project Event MuOnline Season 3 has no analogues in the world. 3 Worlds, more than 3000 Online on all servers! World of Warcraft Server in Germany. Play2Win Server

New events, sets, ancients, wings, pets and boses await to be looted and conquered. Season 15 [Hard] [ FULL PVP ] [Experience: 30x dynamic ] [ Max Level: 1200 ] [ ONLINE TIME: 100% ] [ ITERNATIONAL PVP ] [ NO RES SERVER ] [ Hard mode PVP battles ] [ Anticheat Premium! ]

Season 6 Episode FINAL / High - 1000x / Low - 100x / Dungeons System / Craft System / Bot System / Profession System / Achievements System in game / New valutes / Zen and jewel economy / Stable Online / Configured Events, Spots, Zen Drop / Join Now, ... New server for max style server fans will be opened at 26 June! Maximum Level: 350 Season 6 Reforged | Exp 600x | Drop 40% | Max Stats 65.000 | PvP Balanceado | No Borra Stats, Arena-Top100 2020 | Tracking 4810 servers | Mu online Europe Official Season 15 Episode 1! Reset rewards! We have great plans and great prospects. * NEW BOSSES 498. ⏩Puntos por Lvl Master: 1. Grand Opening 17 October, Server Information Mu Online Europe private server Season 15 Part 1 3 Servers for each taste, X10 NORESET, x50 slow, and X500 Easy server! [X-SHOP DEFAULT ITEMS] [NO CUSTOM ITEMS] [NO FULL OPTION] [GRIND TO WIN] [NO RESET] [OFFTRADE] [RMT ENABLE]. Search and find the Top 100 Mu Online private servers ranked by …


Bless Bug: OFF

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