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Although Kalinda never stopped helping Alicia, her acts of friendship go largely unnoticed until Alicia finds out that Kalinda is the one who helped Grace the day she disappeared. Instead, Kalinda’s farewell was quiet and dignified.

Kalinda has a cynical, misanthropic outlook on human behavior. Kalinda's fashion plays a huge role in her character.

She just left.

Some characters you actually don’t want to see that much backstory,” creator Robert King told TV Guide at the time. She is often the key to the firm's winning a case, usually at the 11th hour. We haven't heard any unfortunate news about Kalinda Sharma having the coronavirus (COVID-19). I'm glad you thought I did it some justice. For her performance, Panjabi received three Primetime Emmy Award nominations, winning in 2010, and received one Golden Globe nomination. Archie Panjabi, who played early fan favorite Kalinda Sharma, took her sassy investigator boots and endless supply of cute leather jackets and booked herself a one-way ticket out of Chicago. A little over a year after The Good Wife said a bloody good-bye to its leading man Josh Charles, the CBS drama suffered another casting blow. Celebrities and Notable People Who Have Had Coronavirus. Kalinda is alive and kicking. As the third season closes, details of Kalinda's past begin to unravel and an IRS Tax Investigation spurred on by FBI Agent Lana Delaney, leads to an uncashed $21,000 check, a menacing phone call and a final scene that finds Kalinda ready to violently confront the husband she ran away from. Then they met Kalinda. She had set a perfect plan to protect herself and Cary while still giving the state’s attorney evidence to prosecute Bishop. Kalinda is often the key to the firm's winning a case, usually at the 11th hour.

Ad Choices. As an employee in a prestigious law firm her outfit is a contrast to those of the lawyers as it is a lot more provocative and edgy.

She was/is married - presumably under the name Leela Tahiri - to Nick Savarese. Kalinda also grows romantically close with Cary Agos (Matt Czuchry). DK . From the awards race to the box office, with everything in between: get the entertainment industry's must-read newsletter. Gender: It was perfectly Kalinda. She stole a flash drive from Bishop’s number two, Dexter Roja, and used it to frame him. To revisit this article, select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories.

Having previously worked for Peter for three years, he fired her after (rightfully) accusing her of working two jobs. And Chris Noth was never really my cup of tea.
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Remembering Blake Calomar's repeated use of that name for Kalinda, Alicia immediately understood the significance and that night she kicked Peter out, telling him that he slept with her best friend. Kalinda Sharma does not have the coronavirus. Physical Description

Well, she may have told Alicia (Julianna Margulies) goodbye. Rather, it was that attitude, that the show would never dive deeply into Kalinda’s personal life again, that severely limited our relationship with the character. Biographical Information Kalinda was sure she had died; she couldn't hear a single word which left Alicia's lips. Kalinda often uses her wiles to get information. The actress who portrays her is British of Indian descent in real life. Then Josh Charles’s departure last year struck another major blow. And yes, exactly. I…, Hi! When Kalinda worked at the State's attorney's office under Peter Florrick's supervision, she and Peter had a one night stand that no one knew about. But The Good Wife isn’t Game of Thrones.

She has had various roles in both UK and US television including as Maya Roy in Life on Mars and Doom has been circling her all season in the shape of Chicago drug lord Lemond Bishop and in the instant when Carey told Kalinda that Bishop’s associate, Dexter Roja, was on to her, a flip switched inside her. Months later, they have a candid conversation about really trying to go back to the way things were and Kalinda agrees to be more honest and forthcoming. Please ignore rumors and hoaxes. She is about 25 years of age, as denoted in the first season when Alicia comments "I haven't been in a courtroom for 13 years" and Kalinda responds with "I was 12 then"; the actress who plays her was actually 35 at the time. That’s the way she departed. She describes getting a little overly enthusiastic during a kissing scene on the set of The Fall, the BBC drama she co-stars in with Gillian Anderson. Kalinda is alive and kicking.Please ignore rumors and hoaxes.If you have any unfortunate news that this page should be update with, please let us know using this form. No obvious goodbyes.

However, in season 5 their relationship progresses as they have a sexual relationship. Kalinda skipped the bat and sledgehammer in favor of running over Nick's righthand man with her car.

If so I wonder how Jane will handle it, aside from blaming…. In fear for her safety after turning state's evidence on Lemond Bishop, Kalinda disappears. She initially shared the opinion of the masses - that Alicia was a weak, guileless housewife who dutifully came back to work amid her husband's political scandal and very public affair - but after seeing Alicia's resourcefulness and gumption in spite of Diane's negative endorsement of a change in case strategy, she began to respect her.

[9][10] The character according to the costume designer has over 60 leather jackets. [3] The character's signature wardrobe piece has become a pair of knee-high boots;[4][5][6][7] the character initially wore pumps but Panjabi felt that boots "grounded her in the character.

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Its significance is unknown.

Kalinda Sharma [Edit] Is Kalinda Sharma Dead or Still Alive? Her vehicle of choice is a blue Chevy Trailblazer. All rights reserved. On the night of Peter Florrick's re-election, an investigator working for Glenn Childs told Alicia about an unsubstantiated rumor regarding her husband and a former employee named Leela. Nick Savarese (ex-husband)Cary Agos (ex-boyfriend)Lana Delaney (ex-girlfriend)Donna Seabrook (ex-girlfriend)Anthony Burton (fling)Jenna Villette (fling)Peter Florrick (former employer, one-night stand)Sophia Russo (ex-girlfriend) If you have any unfortunate …

You can unsubscribe at any time. If you have any unfortunate news that this page should be update with, please let us know using this form. Significant Others: Cary will need a case or two to distract him from his guilt. Kalinda Sharma is a character on the CBS television series The Good Wife, portrayed by Archie Panjabi for the first six seasons of the show's run.

134. By Justin Stephens/CBS© 2014 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. The show creators announced the departure of Archie Panjabi, the Emmy-winning actress who played Kalinda, back in October, so all season long it’s just been a question of how she would go. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. Coronavirus Update. Very little is known about Kalinda when the series begins, and she is incredibly secretive about her past.

On Sunday’s episode of The Good Wife, Kalinda Sharma (Archie Panjabi) walked out of the lives of Alicia, Cary and Diane — possibly forever. Panjabi was an early breakout star of the series when the show was in its infancy. She's first introduced as an investigator working at Stern, Lockhart & Gardner, and she becomes fast friends with Alicia Florrick. I enjoy writing these. Upon a co-worker mentioning her technique, Cary remarked, "I know plenty of people who knew their sexuality. Later, when her deception is caught, she is forced to surrender drug dealer Lemond Bishop to the state's attorney's office in order to spare Diane from prosecution and leaves Chicago behind for her own safety. Your contribution is much appreciated!

When Cary worked at Lockhart-Gardner, she developed a little bit of a soft spot for him that continued to grow after he left. In the sixth, she desperately tries to save Cary from a malicious prosecution on drugs-related charges while Alicia is busy running for office, and at a point of desperation, fakes a Brady violation through computer hacking to have Cary's charges dropped off. Kalinda Sharma Death Fact Check. All that was left behind was a hole in the wall of her apartment where her secret stash of cash had been hidden.
Kalinda Sharma, played by the wonderful Archie Panjabi, personifies mysterious. Probably the best thing on Hulu (don't @ me) is the fact that they carry CBS' The Good Wife, which is a bingeable show on any given day.Whether you're in the mood for a legal drama but don't have the stomach for Law and Order: SVU, or just want to wind down the … Despite continuous job offers from various friends in law enforcement (Lana) and the private sector (Sophia), she remains a solid employee of the firm.

Which is a shame. The loss of the Kalinda/Will friendship put even more limitations of Panjabi’s chance to show off her range. Oh wow. People rarely surprise her. She is exceptionally good at her job, although her tactics are not always strictly legal. Hair color:

However, Kalinda's backstory isn't completely off-limits. In season six, she desperately tries to save Cary from malicious prosecution on drug related charges while Alicia is busy running for office, and at a point of desperation, she fakes a Brady violation in order to have Cary's charges dropped.

© 2020 Condé Nast. Read next: Grief Counselor Says It’s OK to Mourn a Fictional Character’s Death. You said this was your first but that's hard to believe because it certainly very well written.

Two murders in two years would have probably shut down Diane and Cary’s practice for good. Blake Calomar, while digging into Kalinda's past, pieced the information together. Portrayed by: Not just because the original core cast is now down to four remaining characters—Alicia, Diane, Carey, and Peter—but because for all its merits, The Good Wife never managed to quite deliver on the promise of Kalinda Sharma.

Archie Panjabi as Kalinda Sharma on The Good Wife.

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