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They are able to knit many differnt shapes including sweater fronts, backs, and sleeves. Camilla Valley Farm stocks all 225 shades of Jamieson Spindrift Shetland Wool as shown below. These are the two yarn producers on Shetland and they are both incredible businesses! There are some farmers who have sheep besides just Shetland and it is important for Oliver to only use the finest Shetland wool for their hand knitting yarns. Drawing on the distinctive legacies of Shetland Lace and Fair Isle knitting, worked in our yarns, and photographed right here in Shetland, these signature handknits unite the story of Shetland wool together with the rich textile heritage of the islands. Shetland textiles have for centuries been loved and admired across the globe.

The sheep are such an integral part of the Shetland economy and culture and it is apparent the care that goes into the yarns and jumpers that are made with it. We had a tour from Oliver Henry who is their main wool buyer and sorter. The islands today continue to blend Norse and Scottish cultures.

They use Japanese knitting machines that they have figured out how to program to use up to 16 colors in one garment - it was incredible! She asked if there was any significant difference between Jamieson's and Jamieson & Smith. These yarns are worsted spun as opposed to the majority of their yarn which is woolen spun. Most of the wool grown on the Shetland Islands (by over 700 crofters throughout the islands) is purchased by Jamieson & Smith who then turn this raw wool into high-quality wool products such as yarn, knitwear, carpets and textiles. The Shetland Islands are located north-east of Scotland at 60 degrees latitude and are almost as close to Norway as they are Scotland. Material: 100% Shetland Wool, Jumperweight Weight: 25 gram ball Yardage: 115 yds. The weaving department produces fabric yardage as well as heavier weight blankets. It is a multi-generational family-owned business. Jamieson & Smith is located in the main town of Lerwick. Inside this book, you’ll find out about the people who founded, built and sustained the Shetland Woolbrokers, and discover the history of this world-famous textile brand. It is a warehouse attached to a shop that sells their products. We also have a Yarn Designer Kit that include a ball of each colour at … With our characterful sheep and instantly recognisable styles of Fair Isle and Shetland Lace knitting, the Shetland islands have long been associated with a thriving local wool industry. Located in Lerwick, the capital town of Shetland, Jamieson & Smith, are long established as the islands primary purchaser of the Shetland Wool clip. It is known all over the world for it's fineness and warmth, and the numerous colors it comes in. I'm not sure what I'll sew with it yet, but I'm in love with this special cloth. Jamieson & Smith 2ply Jumper Weight Baker's Dozen Yarn Grab Bag!

Jamieson's 2-ply Spindrift from the Shetland Isles. It is fascinating to see the Shetland wool going into so many uses for the end consumer and it supports a lot of people on the island from farmers to workers. We are excited and proud to start carrying these yarns this fall in addition to all the colors of Jamieson & Smith jumper weight we currently carry. To celebrate both our heritage and our future, we’ve commissioned ten handknit designs. The short answer is: yes. 59 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203 | 303.733.3855, Shetland 2017: Part 2 Jamieson's and Jamieson & Smith, Heirloom Romney: Meet the Farmers and Sheep of Tawanda Farms, Heirloom Romney: Meet the Farmers and Sheep of Silver Cloud Farm, Meet the Maker: Rosa Pomar and Wool Traditions of Portugal, Portugal Travels pt 4: São João's Day Sheep Blessing. We were able to tour Jamieson's mill and factory which is also connected to a shop that sells their products and is open to the public. J&S has been in business since the 1930's when it was founded by the Smith family of Berry Farm in Scalloway. We had a tour from Oliver Henry who is their main wool buyer and sorter. They scour, dye, card and spin yarn. First things first. This is then either sold as hand knitting yarn (known as Shetland Spindrift) or it will go into production. The knitting department produces fair isle sweaters and other goods such as hats and mittens. And if the two companies compete against each other. In the 1960's the business moved to Lerwick where it remains today. Jamieson & Smith has a cool project going on where Oliver worked with curators and experts at the Shetland Museum and Archives to re-create historical Shetland yarns which are being sold as Shetland Heritage Naturals. They use the yarn for either weaving or knitting. Jamieson & Smith makes every effort to enhance the profile of Shetland wool in order to better pay the crofters that grow the wool. The wool that is sorted and graded is then shipped to Yorkshire England where is it spun into yarn and made into other wool products to sell. Copyright © 2020, Fancy Tiger Crafts. Available in a full palette of beautiful shades originally designed by Jamieson & Smith, this flagship yarn cannot be imitated in terms of depth of colour and spinning quality. Jamieson & Smith: A Shetland Story - Jamieson and Smith, Real Shetland Wool, Fair Isle Knitting, Shetland Wool, Knitting Patterns, Yarn. Traditionally used for Fair Isle sweaters, tams, vests and shawls. Once again I was able to visit and tour both the Jamieson's and Jamieson & Smith factories. Subscribe to be the first to hear about our exclusive offers and latest arrivals! In 2004 they partnered with Curtis Wool Direct in Yorkshire, however Jamieson & Smith remains a stand alone company, in that the profits received from the sale of Real Shetland Wool and Real Shetland Wool products come back into the Shetland economy and are passed along to their number one priority, the wool producers.The Woolly Thistle is honored and proud to stock Jamieson & Smith.Many thanks to Dave Wheeler Photography for allowing us to use his images. Sign up for the latest news, events, offers and styles! The yarn can be ordered as individual balls or in one of the many yarn kits we stock. A family owned business; we produce the purest 100% Shetland yarn and have done for decades. It is a warehouse attached to a shop that sells their products. Their diet consists of salt-misted grass, heather and sometimes seaweed. They process Shetland fiber from fleece to finished goods right there in Sandness. Jamieson & Smith is a well-known and loved brand of Shetland Wool. Like Jamieson's, Jamieson & Smith also produces Shetland wool yarn for hand knitting as well as finished sweaters. Their wool also takes dyes very well and so J&S offers a huge selection of colors. We had met Oliver Henry on our first tour and it is always a treat to hear him talk about the story of Jamieson & Smith and Shetland wool.

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