is st lucia a 3rd world country

Three political parties participated in the 6 June 2016 General Election. "The Saint Lucia Constitution" (1978-December-20 effective Saint Lucia … The capital and major port is Castries. These factors combined to instill a strong sense of cooperative spirit and sympathy for the foreign policies of Britain and other Commonwealth countries. In addition, there is an oil transshipment terminal near Castries. It maintains friendly relations with the major powers active in the Caribbean, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and France. #ga-ad {display: none;} [12][27] They are located between Soufrière and Choiseul on the western side of the island. In addition, St. Lucia receives U.S. counternarcotics assistance and benefits from U.S. military exercises and humanitarian civic action construction projects. The official language is English. Roti is typically served as a fast food meal: the bread itself is very flat (sometimes very thin) and is wrapped around curried vegetables such as chickpeas and potato, seafood such as shrimp and conch, or meats such as chicken, beef, goat, and liver. Antillean Creole is also spoken in Dominica, Martinique, Guadeloupe, and (to a lesser extent) St. Vincent and Grenada; it also resembles the creoles spoken in French Guiana, Haiti, Mauritius and the Seychelles. The islaid also supported a united Caricom position regarding extraregionl trade; St. Lucia actively pursued a policy of attracting foreign capital as a way of promoting economic development. Such similarities led to contention in foreign relations, as each country competed for the same foreign markets. There is a dry season roughly from January to April and a rainy season from May to November. [41] As of January 2018, Cosmos Richardson, who presented his credentials on 22 February 2017, was Saint Lucia's representative to the United Nations. var script = document.createElement("script"); The Windward Islands cricket team includes players from Saint Lucia and plays in the West Indies regional tournament. Saint Lucia has a community college (Sir Arthur Lewis Community College[70]), one university campus operated by the University of the West Indies Open Campus,[71] and a few medical schools – American International Medical University, International American University − College of Medicine, Destiny University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, and the oldest of which is Spartan Health Sciences University. Saint Lucia's population is predominantly of African and mixed African-European-Carib descent, with a small Indo-Caribbean minority (3%). Later, pyroclastic flows include pumice-rich Belfond and Anse Noir (20 kya). [45] The countries whose representatives signed the treaties in Barbados were Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Grenada, Jamaica, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Trinidad and Tobago.[45]. The current Minister of Tourism is Dominic Fedee, he has been in his role since 2016. The United States and St. Lucia have a cooperative relationship. A French patois is spoken by most of the inhabitants but is being gradually supplanted by English, the official language. No Caribs remain on the island; the vast majority of the inhabitants of the island are black and there is a small minority of mulattoes and other mixtures. Marigot Beach, St Lucia, on February 4, 2019. Soon, a patriot army of resistance, L'Armee Française dans les Bois, began to fight back. During the Seven Years' War, Britain occupied Saint Lucia for a year.  [48][49], In 2018, Saint Lucia signed the UN treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.[50]. St. Lucia's historical association with Britain dates back to the early nineteenth century and has significantly influenced the island's political and economic foreign policy. Saint Lucia lies in the path of the northeastern trade winds and has a tropical maritime climate. The oldest, 16–18 Ma, volcanic rocks are exposed from Castries northward and consist of eroded basalt and andesite centres. It is the second largest of the Windward group in the Lesser Antilles and is located about 24 miles (39 km) south of Martinique and some 21 miles (34 km) northeast of Saint Vincent.

In the late 1550s, the French pirate François le Clerc (known as Jambe de Bois, due to his wooden leg) set up a camp on Pigeon Island, from where he attacked passing Spanish ships.
Britain handed the island back to the French at the Treaty of Paris in 1763. St. Lucia participated in the 1983 Grenada mission, sending members of its Special Services Unit into active duty. Its man… Saint Lucia has no current international disputes. The population tends to be concentrated around the coast, with the interior more sparsely populated, due to the presence of dense forests.[12][27]. When St. Lucia became an active member of Caricom, it also linked its foreign policy goals, at least informally, with those of other Commonwealth Caribbean countries. The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCL) issues the EC$, manages monetary policy, and regulates and supervises commercial banking activities in member countries. In 2017, Saint Lucia recorded 60 homicides, the highest in the country's history. He in turn appointed Nathaniel Uring, a merchant sea captain and adventurer, as deputy-governor. Full freedom was duly granted by the British in 1838. Emeritus Professor of Human and Community Development, University of California, Davis. "Members of the House of Assembly", Government of St. Lucia, 2008, (see below: Beolens, Bo; Watkins, Michael; Grayson, Michael (2011). Two winners have come from Saint Lucia: Sir Arthur Lewis won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1979, and the poet Derek Walcott received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1992. Saint Lucia (UK: /sənt luˈsiːə, -ˈluː.ʃə/ (listen), US: /seɪnt ˈluːʃə/ (listen); French: Sainte-Lucie) is a sovereign island country in the West Indies in the eastern Caribbean Sea on the boundary with the Atlantic Ocean. [27] Louisy was replaced as Prime Minister by Winston Cenac in 1981. In addition, about 1.9% of the population adheres to the Rastafari movement. During this era the UWP adopted a generally pro-Western, pro-business outlook, seeking to diversify the economy away from over-reliance on bananas and boosting the tourism sector. Christianity is the main religion in Saint Lucia. They include Fort Charlotte (Old Morne Fortress), the Apostle's Battery (1888–1890), The Powder Magazine built by the French in the 1750s, Provost's Redoubt (1792) built as a lookout point, and the Combermere barracks. [34] In the June 2016 election the United Worker's Party (UWP) assumed power again, with Allen Chastanet becoming prime minister. The second most popular destination for Saint Lucian émigrés is the United States, where a combined (foreign and national-born Saint Lucians) almost 14,000 reside. The prime minister, leader of the majority party, heads the government. The middle, central highlands, portion of the island consists of dissected andesite centres, 10.4 to 1 Mya, while the lower southwest portion of the island contains recent activity from the Soufriere Volcanic Centre (SVC). The chief exports are bananas, cardboard cartons, clothing, coconut products, and electronic goods. Tourism tends to be more substantial during the dry season (January to April), often referred to as the tourist season. Because it switched so often between British and French control, Saint Lucia was also known as the "Helen of the West Indies" after the Greek mythological character, Helen of Troy. The Education Act provides for free and compulsory education in Saint Lucia from the ages of 5 to 15., World Health Organisation - Schistosomiasis, Central Intelligence Agency - The World Factbook - Saint Lucia, Saint Lucia - Children's Encyclopedia (Ages 8-11), Saint Lucia - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up). [27] In May 2007, after Compton suffered a series of small strokes,[32][33] Finance and External Affairs Minister Stephenson King became acting prime minister and succeeded Compton as Prime Minister when the latter died in September 2007.

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