how to get rush medals dragon ball legends

A silver-colored medal with "hope" engraved on it. Can anyone help me with pvp team for this meta also can u tell me is…, image640×1136 2.5 MB Select characters to take into the Ultra Space-Time Rush. A cap used to dry the tears of camaraderie. A Medal celebrating the 2nd anniversary that can be traded at the Exchange Shop for items. A gold medal jam-packed with righteousness. Earn points by clearing floors and completing Challenges! A perfect balance of sweet and tart that you can enjoy cooked in meals or fresh off the tree! A bronze-colored medal with a martial arts uniform design. The tantalizing marble pattern is proof of its quality.

Show your support for the Legends Showdown in Las Vegas competitors! A key used to unlock Event Missions. Ultra Space-Time Rush doesn't use up any Energy, so you're free to attempt it as many times as you want! A splendid crown sparkling with two years' worth of gratitude from us! It's super delicious. Exchange these tickets for competitor medals. Majin Buu, BATTLE 11 - Chapter.11 [Normal], Turn into Sweets!! This Summon can only be played with 10 tickets each time and is not available as Single Summons. A silver-colored medal with a ghost design. A bronze-colored medal with a ghost design. A small schooling fish.

A gold-colored medal with Piccolo's turban engraved on it. A 30 Million User Celebration Medal to say thanks for all of your support.

Majin Buu, BATTLE 7 - Chapter.7 [Normal], Turn into Sweets!! A badge bestowed upon those Jeice deems worthy. Train! Train! A silver medal jam-packed with righteousness. Copyright (C) GamePress All Rights Reserved. A badge bestowed upon those Guldo deems worthy. A bouquet of flowers blooming with two years' worth of gratitude from us! Challenge the Ultra Space-Time Rush and Get Awesome Rewards!

29 votes, 25 comments. Majin Buu, BATTLE 1 - Chapter.1 [Normal], Turn into Sweets!! Items listed above are only a portion of those that can be exchanged for. Collect 7 medals and exchange for SPARKING Z Power at the Exchange Shop. ~, CHALLENGE BATTLE - Chapter.15 [Normal]. Dragon Ball Legends is Copyright BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. All images and names owned and trademarked by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. are property of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Meta Shift: Goku Black & Great Saiyaman 1-2, image750×594 547 KB Collect 7 medals and exchange for SPARKING Z Power at the Exchange Shop. Train Some More!, BATTLE 3 - Chapter.3 [Normal], Train! Super Saiyan 2 Gohan (Youth)

Who knows what items you could get! Train! You can hold up to 20 RUSH LIMITED! Train! A medal engraved with the design of a halo. Each character only gets one chance to participate in the Ultra Space-Time Rush!

Train Some More!, BATTLE 1 - Chapter.1 [Normal], Forbidden Power Turles, BATTLE 5 - Chapter.5 [Normal], Forbidden Power Turles, BATTLE 3 - Chapter.3 [Normal], Forbidden Power Turles, BATTLE 2 - Chapter.2 [Normal], Forbidden Power Turles, BATTLE 1 - Chapter.1 [Normal], Turn into Sweets!! *The Zenkai Awakened information is at ★7 Limit Break, Godly Class, and Awakening Rank VII. Mark of challenging the Extreme Clash Raid. Whats the point of having gohan's zenkai awakening z power then if you cant even get all 20 of them? A gold-colored medal with a Yardrat design.

A bronze-colored medal with "hope" engraved on it.


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