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The film version was stuck in development hell for well over a decade, but is finally coming out next year. average dungeon crawl.

A Vegas showgirl refuses to sit by any longer as more and more of her friends turn up dead in local authorities continue to have no answers. Everyone loves a good murder mystery. Death row armored truck heist (Transport for Death Row inmate) and then flying him out of the country. You can set up a Robin Hood situation. Merry weather is in single player and the GTAO is taking place before Single Player. And it's easy to see why, what with all the exciting chases involving tiny British cars, the hacking of The Man's mainframe, and the giant, balls-to-the-wall helicopter battles over Los Angeles.

“Here’s to Crime” is my first piece for the DMs Guild, but I’ve got more on the way! Please feel free to use any of these writing prompts as you wish. Write a story about the first stranger you see today. Wikimedia 4. Imagine an Ocean’s movie from the victim’s perspective, especially if the victim is presented to us as a decent person. But you’ll often find me chatting on D&D forums. 12. Cookies help us deliver our Services.

My first game of D&D was played at my best friends sleepover – his dad insisted that he run a game for us [ed. That's when the group of bank employees presumably stopped, spent an inordinate amount of time glancing at the receding car, at each other, back at the receding car, and back at each other before breathing out a collective "Ohhhhhh shit.".

One of the best examples is the character of the Gentleman Thief (who doesn’t always have to be a gentleman). It only should have about 400-500 words and it starts like this: "The night assaulted the earth, swallowing it up in a bottomless belly. He soon befriended the local musicians and doormen, plying them with cigars to let him sneak in and watch concerts in the wings.


A cyber attack wipes out the World Bank. Consider this a recommendation, with an asterisk. One day later, a woman disappears from her home and is found dead in the very spot Law enforcement searched the day before. A Darker Shade of Magic, by VE Schwab | $17.99.

Any way you work it out, even if it comes down to a small thing, if we don’t care about the thieves or the mark, we won’t care how things pan out. For writers, those things include not only the heist itself, but the characters and the setting of it all. The men walked right up to railway employees at a depot in Slavkov and presented forged paperwork saying that they had been "hired to demolish the bridge, and remove the unwanted railway track to make way for a new cycle route." An Interview with the Women Who Wrote ‘Monster, She Wrote’, Five Things to Keep in Mind for a Great Opening, "Along the Path of Torment" by Chandler Morrison.

This guy's all right!". Magic. to go to a mountain and slay a dragon! In a move that demonstrates that ballsy people tend to stick together, his widow then pocketed a hefty six-figure finder's fee from Lloyd's of London (who had paid out the insurance money all those years before), and the prized violin has since been purchased by lauded soloist Joshua Bell ... for nearly $4 million. When they learn the fire was no accident, they are forced to take desperate measures. Maresca’s interconnected Maradaine books (multiple series examining life in the same fantasy city) are a real treat. That with the right people and the right set of skills, it could happen.

And then check out 22 Creative Ads for Illegal Activities. It could be because we enjoy seeing ordinary people do extraordinary things. I like craft beer, vintage clothes, street festivals... and playing Dungeons & Dragons.

A diamond heist opens the story, and then comes the dessert: Four partners in crime maneuver to cheat each other out of their shares.

Mistborn, by Brandon Sanderson His access was so unrestricted that officials weren't even sure exactly when he did it -- they could only narrow it down to "sometime between Friday and Monday," or, as we like to call it, "the weekend." This time I’ve invited DMs Guild newbie Jimmy Meritt onto the blog, to talk about his tantalisingly-titled new book Here’s To Crime: A Guide to Capers and Heists… another perfect publication for those about to enter the cosmopolitan, crime-rich environs of Waterdeep. There are fairies. They're probably not gonna update heists for awhile but here's some ideas: luxurious supercar heist and using the cars as the escape onto a cargo plane or freeway or something, fast and furious style. It would be dressed up as a money-laundering front, but it's also a garage for stolen/purchased utility vehicles (if only they'd let us buy more utility vehicles than the Mule and some dumb shuttle buses ... and the utility vehicles worked), and as a spawn point for Pegasus vehicles (whether confined to missions or available in all modes). 2. One fateful day, famous Polish violinist Bronislaw Huberman was in town, and it was common knowledge that he owned a rare 1713 Stradivarius.

His first heist? I play super rarely, but whenever I’m at the table I tend to lean towards a bard. As they approached the dropoff point, a police officer on a motorcycle stopped them (this wasn't totally out of the norm, since their route took them right past a prison). If Debbie Ocean’s latest scheme has you in the mood for more great heist stories, here are 12 of our favorites, with a fantasy twist. Now a local detective needs to figure out what’s going on before they’re all gone.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'selfpublishinghub_com-leader-2','ezslot_10',616,'0','0'])); 3. Only slip it out of its case in the dark of night to fondle it while quietly masturbating?

The end result is a massive armoured tractor + trailer, full of mounted guns and weaponry. Regardless, with the opening of Ocean’s 8, I got to thinking about what makes for a good heist story.

His motive starts with cash, but about halfway through the series we start to see there’s more going on there, and it’s not about the money or the baby or whatever. Let’s briefly discuss the difference between believability, plausibility, and probability. His solution? I often like stories that sort of change the genre of what you can do with D&D, but this is a work that’s exactly what it says on the box – a party is assembled Remember this is just one post in our series of 500+ writing posts, check out the writing prompt hub page to find free writing prompts and other genres.

Coincidentally (or not), the branch manager had in fact received a bomb threat just days earlier, so the officer's story checked out.

This sharp-witted and well-plotted novel begins with a smuggler caught up in a job gone wrong, and suddenly in way over his head. Societe Generale: currently, France's most feared general. I’m hard at work on my second piece, which will be a collection of short heists and cons set in the city of Waterdeep. I'd like to have a hideout, from which heists and multi-man jobs would be planned and launched. These rogues are witty, engaging, and will rob you blind with a rakish wink and a smile. The standout character is, of course, Artemis, a young criminal mastermind hellbent on saving his family from tragedy and bankruptcy. I have to believe there is A chance. The Harder They Fall: Revising Falling Damage for 5e, The Best Battle Master Maneuvers (incl. When a heist is also about a point of pride, I want to hear more.

Eli’s goal is to become the most wanted, most infamous thief in all the land. For more than a year, Carlos Hector Flomenbaum was a much-beloved and trusted customer of ABN Amro Bank, possibly because they couldn't help but love a guy with a name like Carlos Hector Flomenbaum, or possibly because he looked like everybody's grandpa. Paperback Some might consider this group of heist writing prompts very similar to bank robbery prompts and they’d be right. The target But even as Dentan sets the scheme in motion, a shapeshifting killer begins targeting important members of government, allowing Thratia to make a move to reclaim power—and making the heist that much harder. Then, on July 16, 1976, the team finally busted through the outer wall of the bank vault ... and, due to a slight miscalculation, right into the back of a massive bank of safety deposit boxes. He even brought his mother and daughter along to show them just how nice of a guy he was. Following hot on the heels of last week’s post, which featured best-selling author Jeff C. Stevens introducing his Encounters in the Savage Cities (perfect if you’re about to run Dragon Heist! 7. acquire intel about Merryweather operation, acquire load of illegally imported steel to armour earlier stolen truck. All of the Maradaine books are a treat, but this one really stands out because of the especially strong characters. A Parisian priest gets obsessed with a series of cult-like occurrences outside the small town of Fre’jus. It means I think it’s likely. I would really like a "Gone in 60 Seconds" type heist, steal a certain amount of cars, you have one night to get all the targets and get them down to the Port of LS. $12.95. I’m the DM! I think this is especially helpful right now, as many tables are getting to run the new “Dragon Heist” campaign.

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