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gussets additional tubes, Honda Civic Type R EP3 – Custom Cages International Multipoint, Honda Civic Type R EP3 – Safety Devices Multi Point Bolt-in Roll Cage (Non MSA, Track Day Roll Cage), Honda Civic Type R EP3 – Safety Devices Multi Point Bolt-in Roll Cage (MSA, Type R Trophy Roll Cage), Honda Civic Type R EP3 – Safety Devices FIA/MSA Weld In Roll Cage, FIA/MSA Homologated Safety Devices H029 Roll Cage, Honda Civic Type R EP3 – SW Motorsport Team Weld In Roll Cage (MSA Compliant, Civic Cup Championship Roll Cage), General Servicing & Repair, ALL VEHICLE MAKES & MODELS.

Most 4 point roll bar are made of 1.75x,120 wall DOM mild steel tubing. Hoosier A7 (Autocross) Hoosier H2O (Wet/Rain) Hoosier R7 (Track Day) Hoosier Race Slicks; Hoosier SM7 (Spec Miata) Hoosier Vintage & Historic; BBS Wheels. Safety Devices are pleased to offer a new Motorsport UK compliant bolt in roll cage for the Toyota… [Read more], We're pleased to announce that the following roll cages for the MK5/6 Ford Fiesta (3 door,… [Read more], Land Rover Owner International, the world's best-selling Land Rover magazine brings the biggest… [Read more], Honda Civic EG6 Hatchback Multi Point Bolt-in Roll Cage, Toyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ Roll Cage Available, Safety Devices - Technology of Protection.

If you’re intending to fit the kit yourself, please note that all our bolt-in roll cages are pre-drilled (roll cage connector to corresponding tube) unlike some kits on the market. If you’re comparing our roll cages to that of a rival product, please make sure your comparing like for like. Roll cage number H013.

We fit FIA, MSA and track day roll cages at our performance centre in Southampton. PAINT FINISH Most steel products are sprayed with an industrial grade gloss black cover coat for rust protection. Designed to quickly and easily transform your street car into a race legal competition car. Bayswater, Victoria Front roll cage penetrates dashboard. AGI founder and Managing Director Adam Gotch has over 25 years of experience across the highest levels of motor racing and vehicle fabrication. AutoPower 6Point Bolt in Rollcage Honda Civic 92-95 Hatch AutoPower Industriesmanufactures a variety of roll bars and roll cages for street vehicles and all out race cars. Cross brace and harness mount tubes are tacked, rear braces are not notched. Known as the best fitting pre-fab cage available. SKU: N/A Category: Civic EG Tags: Civic EG Half Cage EG Civic Track Day Cage Civic EG. Track Car Builds, Track Side Support $1,295.95 Sale:$1,099.95.

Print roll cage details. Civic Cup Championship Roll Cage Fitment We strongly recommend that all the roll cages we sell are only fitted by a trained professional or by someone who is qualified to do so. Bolt-In Roll Cage.

Description. This welded kit makes a race legal 6 mounting point roll cage. Please advise us if you’re competing within the time frame listed above so we can look to have your cage ready a little earlier so you don’t miss your first event. What's New 3 12 24 72. Our roll cages are fitted in house by our exceptionally skilled welder and fabricator. We accept cars already stripped or we can strip them for you. Race Licence When installed properly it is accepted for SCCA PRO RALLY competition. In most cars the rear seat can remain in place and usable. U-Weld cages are made to order, allowing for tube size and type to be selected. Through our Race division, AGI SPORT specialises in the preparation, set-up, engineering and management of cars for professional and non-professional race drivers.

This 4 point roll bar has a bolt-in diagonal cross brace and harness mount tube. Honda S2000 Specialist, General Workshop By continuing to use the website, you acknowledge this notice. IMI Approved Stereo Installation EXPECT some paint damage during shipping. Roll cage- Weld in Vs Bolt in. This cage kit welded to an Autopower roll bar makes a race legal 6 mounting point roll cage. This cage is approved by SCCA and NASA for open road racing and drifting events. Adam spent eleven years on the European motor racing scene including time as a Grand Prix Mechanic with the BMW Williams Formula 1 team and as a Team Manager in the A1GP ‘World Cup of Motorsport’.

All of our cookies are required for the site to function as intended and we do not use any cookies for malicious or fradulent activity. What type of events will the roll cage be used in? Manufactured from high strength steel which is welded together, roll cages are either bolted or welded in place at multiple points inside the car. All necessary installation and mounting hardware with back-up plates is included. The best fitting pre-fab cage you can buy. M3 Cup Championship The Brown Davis range of C.A.M.S approved bolt in roll cages are the cost effective solution to get you racing. Australia, 3153. Fast Road Car Modification An Electronic Bank Transfer (EFT) for payment is preferred although we can also take a credit card payment over the phone. Once in place, roll cages offer protection over the roof and from side impacts . Add to basket. Honda Civic EG 3-Door Hatch - Half Cage Kit quantity. Vehicle Throttle Tuning Please note that the regulations have changed for CAMS approved roll cages from JAN 2012. Hoosier Tires. Southampton, Our Street-Sport bar is just what you need for your high performance street car. Vehicle Tuning

• All necessary installation and mounting hardware with back-up plates included. Although MIG welding is often used in roll cage manufacture we pride ourselves in TIG welding all of our cages, including the footplates in our bolt in cages. It closely conforms to your car’s interior, allowing quick entry & exiting. Designed for a vehicle without a sunroof. There are many different roll cage designs depending on the application, hence different racing organizations have differing specifications and regulations, although most of these organisation harmonise their regulations with those of the FIA..

This cage is approved by SCCA and NASA for open road racing and drifting events. Categories: Bolt-in, CAMS Roll Cages, Civic EG, Honda. Independently Certified: MSA/FIA homologated.

4 mounting pads can be welded or bolted to the car. There is no paint finish guarantee. My Profile My Preferences My Mates.

Interior of the vehicle must be removed toensure that the cage is as close to the. This cage closely conforms to your car’s interior, allowing quick entry & exiting. Additional bar work is required at a National level while some existing roll cage coupling designs have now been outlawed. Certificate 1673 available from MSA, Telephone 01753 765000. Track Day Track Side Services, Race Car Management Civic Cup Car Builds Saddle gussets and mounting plates are included. The cage foot plates bolt directly to the body of the vehicle, with no welded in mounting plates on the body needed, making this truly D.I.Y. Every roll bar or cage has been designed to fit ­specific car models so only minor ­modifications are necessary for the instal­lation. Race Car Maintenance & Repair Description. Complete weld in rally roll cage kit. Notes: AGI Bolt-in roll cage kits are painted in a Satin Black (low glare) finish. 47 Holloway Drive Please advise your vehicle VIN / chassis number when the build is complete so that we can complete the necessary CAMS paperwork. Model #83581. Custom variations and additional bracing, such as strut braces or additional crosses in the hoop, are available on request. With our NO WELDING REQUIRED design you can do these installs almost anywhere. Designed for high performance street use. Precision fit, 6 mounting point U-Weld design. Diagonal cross brace and horizontal brace are a permanent weld-in design.

AutoPower 6Point Bolt in Roll Cage Honda Civic 92-95 Hatch.

Designed to be easy to install at home with a basic set of tools, our bolt-in cages can be powder coated in a range of colours and include all fittings and fixings to complete the installation.

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