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She used to work for ABC till 2010. Copyright © 2020 NPR.

She was a contributor for 60 Minutes and served as a fill-in anchor on CBS This Morning beginning in January 2014.[5]. Her parents are from London, United Kingdom, and New York City. Prior to October 2007, Ward was based in Beirut and worked as a correspondent for Fox News. [8][9] In August 2020, reports emerged that Ward and her team were under surveillance while in the Central African Republic in May 2019. Thank you very much. In 2019, she became one of the first Western reporters to report on the life in the Taliban controlled areas of Afghanistan. Then she became an assignment editor for the same network. You write about that experience, (reading) I felt the familiar burn of indignation. Her career is everything to her, and everything she has in her life is because of her career only. From 2004 to 2005, Ward was an assignment editor for Fox News in New York City. What is it about that conflict? [17], Media related to Clarissa Ward at Wikimedia Commons, Last edited on 15 September 2020, at 22:18, Russian intervention into Georgian territory, Radio and Television Correspondents' Association, "Aleppo Under Siege: Syria's Latest Tragedy Unfolds - Security Council Arria-Formula Open Meeting (8 August 2016)", "CNN's Clarissa Ward Spent 36 Hours With the Taliban. Clarissa Ward visits the ocean with her husband Philipp and son Ezra on 23 December 2018 (Photo: Clarissa Ward's Instagram). GARCIA-NAVARRO: Yeah. Clarissa Ward (born January 30, 1980) is an American television journalist who is currently chief international correspondent for CNN. Don't push back and you are condoning it. And then finally I turned to him in Arabic and I just said (speaking Arabic), which means stop it, you son of a whore in Arabic. NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro speaks with CNN's Chief International Correspondent, Clarissa Ward, about her new memoir, On All Fronts: The Education of A Journalist.

So I was invited to this very small, intimate dinner. She began her career in a very low profile manner.

By using you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But it is perhaps her work documenting the tragedy and terror in Syria for which she is best known. Interesting: Sara Sidner Married, Husband, Partner, Boyfriend, Salary. She is an excellent journalist, and she has done wonderfully well in her career. Finally, she and her husband welcomed their baby boy named Ezra Albrecht Nikolas Nour on 2nd March 2018. [16] Ward is fluent in French and Italian, conversational in Russian, Arabic and Spanish and knows basic Mandarin Chinese.

You kept on going back under incredibly dangerous circumstances while friends, like Marie Colvin, died and others, like journalist Austin Tice, have been kidnapped. Clarissa Ward is a reporter I have always admired – for her courage but also her clarity and her willingness to take risks to bring sometimes uncomfortable truths to light. They gave you your first chance in Iraq during the conflict. And I can't tell you how many times I'll be feeling that, I know my trade. WARD: Yes.

She was awarded George Foster Peabody Award in the year 2012. I mean, you went to Yemen while you were pregnant. GARCIA-NAVARRO: In her new memoir, "On All Fronts: The Education Of A Journalist," she tells the story of her privileged upbringing, bouncing around countries and schools, her rise in TV journalism to become CNN's chief international correspondent and why she keeps pushing to report from the world's most dangerous places. And you have this incredible, I must say, story about meeting Seif al-Islam... GARCIA-NAVARRO: ...Gaddafi's son, at a dinner in Moscow. Ward began her career as an overnight desk assistant at Fox News in 2003. On August 8, 2016, she spoke at a United Nations Security Council meeting on the situation in the civil war-torn Aleppo, based on her 10+ years' experience of being a war correspondent.

She was formerly with CBS News, based in London.Before her CBS News position, Ward was a Moscow-based news correspondent for ABC News programs.

Anger at being so easily overlooked or dismissed because of my gender. And for me, it was just this moment of - I wasn't disturbed by it so much as I was just flabbergasted. [10], Ward received a George Foster Peabody Award on May 21, 2012, in New York City for her journalistic coverage inside Syria during the Syrian uprising. It's so great to be on with you. It definitely changed me. I will weep. Contact Us, Clarissa Ward Married, Husband, Boyfriend, Salary, Net Worth, Height, Sara Sidner Married, Husband, Partner, Boyfriend, Salary, Bill Weir Married, Wife, Divorce, Gay, Family. If I could go back again, would I still do the Yemen trip?

Visit our website terms of use and permissions pages at for further information. Eventually, she fell in love and started dating him.

She joined the mighty CNN in the year 2015, and this network took her fame to a new level. He kept doing it.

2020 Besides, being truly dedicated towards the job she has managed to keep her professional life and personal life balanced. In her first 60 Minutes report in 2012, Ward and her team braved sniper-fire and aerial bombardments in the Syrian city of Aleppo to deliver one of the first reports examining the growth of Islamic extremism within the opposition.

What drove you to go to a place where most sane people - let's face it - would want to get away from? And I am curious how motherhood changed you.

She worked on the international desk coordinating coverage for stories such as the capture of Saddam Hussein, the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 and the deaths of Yasir Arafat and Pope John Paul II. WARD: I realized at a certain point that it is a real danger for journalists to go into any conflict or any story with the mindset of, I can make a difference.

Misogyny provoked a feeling of impotent rage in me. Her hectic schedule might be some hindrance in her marital life but she and her husband being very understanding they have supported each other. Clarissa Ward, welcome. On assignment in Russia, Ward covered the Russian Presidential elections. Before her CBS News position, Ward was a Moscow-based news correspondent for ABC News programs. I was into acting and making movies and publishing magazines. It was always upsetting to see a child in pain in any kind of a conflict arena. We know each other.

In the year 2007, she joined another huge network called ABC News. Of course, you know, I was 22 years old, so there was a lot of hubris at play, and I really had very little idea of what that would actually entail. I'm just not sure I'm going to be one of them. She still has a long way to go, and she will reach the height people have expected her to be at.

GARCIA-NAVARRO: What a time. WARD: Well, haven't you experienced it, Lulu? Of course, it's important to have good intentions.

She holds American nationality, belonging to white ethnicity.

Before that, she had gone to Yale University for her graduation. This text may not be in its final form and may be updated or revised in the future. Your career really started at Fox. She is an excellent journalist, and she has done wonderfully well in her career.

GARCIA-NAVARRO: I want to start by saying congratulations on the birth of your second child, who was born this summer, right? I said, no, no, no, don't do that. Like, you're sitting in an armchair in Washington, D.C., where it's really easy to opine about Aleppo.

[14][15] They have one child together, Ezra Albrecht Nikolas Nour (born on 2 March 2018). And I have to be very honest with you. WARD: For me, it was all about 9/11. I know this story. And, as crazy as it might sound, I would also like to see more mothers covering war because believe it or not, and as ridiculous as it may sound, I think things might look a little different if there were. But when you set the bar that high for yourself, it becomes a little bit soul-destroying when you realize that there are huge, powerful forces at work in the world, and you are limited in changing the course of history. GARCIA-NAVARRO: You know, the clip we heard in the introduction was some of your extraordinary reporting for which you have justly earned many, many awards, including a Peabody. She has worked very hard in her career, and she has made her parents very proud.

Now I find it borderline unbearable. But you decided that you wanted to report on the world.

I can make the world a better place. All rights reserved.

She covered the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami while working here.

She started her career back in the year 2003, and she has done a lot already.

© But that is what really moved me to become a journalist. She also spent time embedded with the U.S. military in Iraq, most notably in Baqubah.

She covered the execution of Saddam Hussein, the Iraq War troop surge of 2007, the Beirut Arab University riots and the 2007 Bikfaya bombings. I mean... WARD: ...It is pervasive. Even being a private person she never hesitates to flaunt her baby bump in her social media account.

And I was a senior studying comparative literature at Yale.

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