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If you can come in with your bike, we can reshape the seat to get your ideal riding position. A variety of colors and upholstery choices are available. In this modification we start by reshaping the seat for better comfort then add a 1 inch piece of 10 pound memory foam then we add a 5.5 pound 2 inch memory foam. Last, but not least - consider your riding wear.

Some of the most common changes on this model type involve improving foam quality, incorporating a more supportive foam shape (slightly cupped instead of crowned) and changing angles of the seating platform to eliminate the forward slope. This ensures that the gel does not move and the outline of the gel is not visible on the seating area, especially after extended use of the seat. I won't hesitate to recommend you to anyone needing a modification. Ideally, padding or foam suspension should behave like springs by absorbing shock and providing continuous support. The seating area can be moved up or down, backwards or forwards, or the slope and shape changed to suit your riding position.

For example, a motorcycle designed for a shorter driver can be modified for a taller driver by changing the seat contour to allow the driver to sit further back and extend his legs into a more accommodating position. Before embarking on any custom modifications to an existing seat, Sargent always recommends exploring the availability of a ready-made, aftermarket replacement seat first, such as our World Sport Performance Seat line for sport and adventure touring models or Mustang brand seats for American and Metric cruisers (also available through Sargent).

absolutely awesome, like a new bike. Welcome to Biker's Oufitter,  where we can turn your stock or aftermarket motorcycle seat or seat pan in to a true custom seat. I now feel like the bike and I are one.

Jack Darian, our Master Craftsman has over 50 years of experience building custom motorcycle, antique, and exotic car seats and interiors. Try to select a motorcycle and seat that allow for some front to back movement. This modification will give you the feeling of sitting in the motorcycle and not on it. Great job and exceptional service. Except for most touring models, these bikes often have relatively flat seats, allowing the driver to freely change positions front to back. Last, but not least - consider your riding wear. While this may be beneficial for short stints on the track, it can be extremely uncomfortable for commuting or longer rides.

Distressed Brown Leather for Harley Davidson Dyna. -- John Dryden 1631-1700. If you need to be pushed forward to get closer to your controls, we can build up the seat. If your seat foam is too soft for you we will make it firmer. First, let's look at the riding position itself. Within the limits of the bike's design, we can normally achieve marked improvements in rider comfort.

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We will work overtime (after normal business hours) on these seats and have priced this service accordingly. I had the memory foam mod,boy what a difference suffered from butt burn on long rides before, had the mod done took it to daytona bike week which is about 400 mile roundtrip very satisfied with the modification. This modification keeps the sitting position is a near stock height but we can still move you back, forward or up. Sargent Cycle Products North America © 2020. We reshape the seat for maximum comfort, add a Impact Gel pad then install our double decker memory foam over it.

We have done many Yamahas, Hondas, Harleys, Triumph and BMW seats with great results and feedback. That's the reason this feature is employed in most quality aftermarket seats. Since 2000 we have been offering show quality custom seat reshaping and re-upholstery services to the motorcycle community with customers sending their seats to us from all over the world due to our reputation of giving the customer shaping and stitching work exceeding their … Many cruisers can be dramatically improved by installing a high-quality, closed-cell foam configured with a wider more supportive shape, or purchasing an aftermarket seat with these attributes built in. Modifying seat contours to better suit the driver and/or modifying the handlebars may also be beneficial.

The most comfortable gel pad and memory foam combination we have ever worked with. Type of Padding Suspension. We narrow the seat pan where your legs go down so that the seat doesn't keep your legs spread apart as much and this really helps get your feet on the ground a lot better. CLICK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR COMFORT MODIFICATION SERVICES.

Their precision handling is due in part to positioning the driver's upper body and arms almost directly over the front wheel. To the right is a Harley Street Glide seat that we modified and reshaped to give the rider a more comfortable and natural seating position. A good, high-quality foam installed into the seat can improve this situation. List any add ons, upgrades, mods or mechanical issues. The service, quality and affordability with D&N Upholstery for your motorcycle seats with gel pads or complete motorcycle upholstery job can’t be beat in Southeastern Michigan!

The first layer of foam is added and shaped to improve comfort, the second layer is installed and shaped then the final layer of foam is added and shaped then the seat is covered with a thin layer of foam, a water proof plastic sheeting is then placed on the seat and cover re-installed. It lowers the rider up to 31/2 inches and move the rider back in the saddle up to 31/2 inches. For riders looking for a medium firm to firm seat and weighing 235 pounds or less. (With this modification we can lower the riding position or keep it stock height.

SEAT MODIFICATIONS . Unlike any other gel pad made the Impact Gel is a remarkable gel pad and you will be wondering how you ever lived without one and will have one in every seat you own from now on. We schedule all of our work, by doing so this makes our turn around time over night. Some OEM seats can be modified to increase this range of movement. Additionally, some cruisers suffer from a foam that is too soft and bottoms out. This modification has been used for the lower 48 plus Alaska ride in 10 days with the rider logging 900 miles a day, it is definitely for the serious all day in the saddle rider.

We purchase bikes and take trades from our customers on a weekly basis. We can move the riding position forward or back or maintain the current front to back sitting position.). Great customer service and very responsive to my questions! These seats have been designed for maximum comfort on specific models and are offered with a money back guarantee from Sargent.

If it is to firm, we will soften it up. This modification is for those who want the best of the best with all day comfort in mind. MCC went out of their way to make sure I was a satisfied customer and comfortable with my seat. These models force the driver to lean forward a little more, distributing some of the pressure from the rear-end to the arms and legs. The original foam is reshaped to disperse the rider's weight more evenly over the sitting area. This modification is a lot like our Rider's Choice modification and Extreme but we replace the foam in the driver's sitting area of the seat with our Memory foam. You can include items such as a matching sissy bar bags, toolbags, grip coverss, windshield bags, tank panels, fender bibs, or an endless number of leather dress up items that complement the bike and give you multiple storage options. Consider a seat upgrade, either a replacement seat or stock seat modifications that addresses poor padding and/or poor shape. Embroidery. Its purpose is to help explain the various causes of riding discomfort, define limitations, and recommend possible solutions. Hence, the joy of arriving. Widening is usually limited to only one inch beyond the existing width edge of the seat pan.

Thank you all so very much for adding to my driving enjoyment MCC! It will lower the rider anywhere from 1/2 inch to 3 inches and move the rider back from 1/2 inch to 3 inches it all depends on the rider's height and weight. If it is to firm, we will soften it up. It is also common for these bikes to have a crowned, forward sloping seat having very centralized pressure. The Ultimate modification for long distance riding developed exclusively for spending all day the saddle and wanting more.

Since there isn't one solution that works for everyone, a clear understanding of the contributing factors is essential. I had my seats rebuilt as well as my back rest. Simply leveling the seating platform(s) "front to back" can eliminate this annoying problem. Unlike other installers, we use a thin cover material between the gel and the original seat cover. If you choose to go as low and as far back as possible the seat will be very similar to the stock riding position of a stock 2011-19 Street Glide seat or Road glide custom seat. We offer something for everyone. $50 non-refundable deposit is required. This modification was developed for the larger rider in mind but light weight riders are loving it also. CLICK TO READ CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS . Many OEM "standard" and "sport" style motorcycles are designed with a forward slope that can constantly push the rider forward into the tank and limit front to back position changes. This change can also be made to many stock seats on a custom basis. If you are tall and need to be pushed back we can cut it back without compromising comfort. I haven't tried a trip yet but the seating position and comfort factor was obvious over the stock. The New Comfort rider plus includes installing our Impact Gel pad along with a 2 inch layer of memory foam and just like the old comfort rider plus modification we make a new cover fitted to your seat.

Custom stitching. On the other hand, most would agree that some degree of discomfort on long rides is not only to be expected, it is actually a unique part of the experience.

The Impact Gel inserted into your seat will give you the ride you have want. The physical relationship between the foot pegs, handlebars, and the seat on any given motorcycle forces the rider into a specific seating position known as the forced ergonomic position. This gives the seat a super plush feel. Obviously, long-distance motorcycle riding should not be that brutal. Our modifications are inexpensive but offer the best sitting seat that is modified to fit you. I researched lowering kits but did not want to compromise the ride. As usual we are always trying to improve our modifications and here we go again.

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