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Actually, those are the Beast’s pistons.

Learn how your comment data is processed. The Beast’s pistons displace 433 cubic inches—each! What a great way to go, no? The Beast of Turin would be denied the record, and would soon be rendered obsolete by smaller and lighter multi-cam engines from manufacturers like Peugeot. I know a lot of the designers and places you mention; it’s like a reunion or old-home week.Thank you very much for putting everything together in such a beautifully organized, fun, illuminating way. That is simply amazing. You don't seem to have any saved cars at this time. The proper film will cover the history of this exciting period and tell the amazing story of its rebirth after 100 years. cool video !!! At over 28 litres this was the biggest of the pre WWI monsters (and the biggest car engine ever built)—engine design changed a lot thereafter. Watch A Hundred-Year-Old Rusty Knife Get Brought Back To Life, Shower Power Is A Hydropowered Speaker Which Runs on Your Showerhead. This magnificent car was built during the short Edwardian (or Brass) Era, spanning roughly between 1905 – 1914, as part of the ongoing quest for the ultimate speed. Gary, What are those sparks that are coming out? ), the madman behind S76, Arthur Duray was not able to do two runs within an hour – a requirement for a world record qualification. What if you were a Hollywood movie star with an obsession for cars and racing? Without headers it looks like a couple of blast furnaces in there. I love this video because it speaks to everything wonderful about cars, the hobby and the people. Yes folks, you read that right. But what most stands out for me is nearly getting run over by the Beast—twice. Extremely well done. Reply. The Binding Studio is Bringing Back the Lost Art of Making Books by Hand, The PocketDrum 2 Lets You Learn Drums Using A Pair of Smart-Sticks And Your Mobile Devices, Create Your Own Transparent Screen By Tearing Apart Your LCD TV, The Silviano is a Smart Laptop Sleeve with Design Secrets Galore, Shop Talk: Crossline Creations – Traditions and Training [Part 2], How to Configure Your Workstation for SOLIDWORKS, Generative Design Will Flip Design and Manufacturing on Its Computer-Aided Head. Yes Stan, the proportions and stance of Stefan’s lead illustration reminded me instantly of one of your own sketches! Then there’s the fact that in 1911 some whack job hit 135 mph over a flying mile. Although FIAT wouldn't build a land speed record champion until 1923, with the release of the devilishly-named, 21.7L engine-driven FIAT Mefistofele, the FIAT S76 made a huge impression on the automotive world in 1911. I recommend Gary’s book for anyone that has an interest to get a glimpse of an era long gone. Although the beast has been asleep for more than half a century it’s ready to rise from the ashes and roar once again. American Brands: AMC, Jeep and All Others, Tractors, Lawn Mowers, Off-Road Equipment, Watch And Hear The 28.5 Liter Four Cylinder ‘Beast of Turin’ Fiat S-76 Come To Life The First Time In A Century, R&T Vintage Review: 1989 Ford Taurus SHO – An American Legend Is Born, Curbside Outtake: The Rather Unusual Mercedes Sprinter Flatbed – Flat As A Board, R&T 25th Anniversary Review: 1947 and 1972 Fords – “It Has Nothing That Could Be Described As ‘Handling'”, CC Outtakes: T87’s Singles Collection (Sept./Oct. The book captures some of the antics that took place. Ohh, blessed beautiful technology of the most righteous kind! Reading the stories and anecdotes of designers who shared their experiences in this book allowed me to vicariously imagine what it would have actually been like to have worked in a studio. Nor for the Festival of Speed. The Beast of Turin was and still is a potential deathtrap ready to raise havoc.

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. Turned the volume way up & almost drove my wife out of the house! With no exhaust as such we’re treated to the sight of the aftermath of internal combustion shooting straight out of the exhaust ports while the whole car shakes violently. Now THAT is a Man’s car. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! Fiat disassembled the cars to make sure nobody could copy them. Wow, this thing is in aircraft engine territory, and large aircraft!

Raw power, indeed! There is a picture of Felice Nazzaro in the cockpit starting off he looks terrified! Balance shafts? Type above and press Enter to search. There must be something Italian in there too. It’s going to reappear (note: S76 was present at Goodwood in 2014 but due to some technical difficulties they were not able to start it) at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed (25 – 28 June) in a special class of large and aero-engined racing cars (or “leviathans”) along with Mercedes, Metallurgique-Maybach, Benz, Darracq, Sunbeam, and Napier Machines. Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. Last but not least: Torque was rated at 2000 lb/ft. Evans owned a couple of resort hotels on Mission Bay and was quite the collector. All Rights Reserved. The Beast of Turin awakens: Fiat S76 driven for the first time in a century -- and it’s very, very angry. Mighty concept but the Italians think differently. The Beast of Turin trailer from stefan marjoram on Vimeo. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Just for a moment, try to imagine yourself sitting behind the steering wheel of S76 and doing 200 kilometers per hour: Back then, cars had minimal – if any – safety equipment (or any other features!) So many people have no idea of the CID of the early monsters both on the tracks and on the streets, instead thinking they only started to roam the earth in the late 60s and 70s.

The evil roar, the billowing gray smoke, the nonstop fire—all of it was breathtaking. Of course, The Beast of Turin isn't Pittaway's only car older than any of your living relatives.

You could get a good case of “Ford elbow” cranking that beast! Saved this one for the earphones. Stefan Marjoram is creating a documentary of the restoration of the legendary 1911 Fiat S76, which has the distinction of arguably having the largest automobile engine in history: 1729 cubic inches, or 28.5 Liters, from four cylinders, no less. Looking into those exhaust ports is like looking into the blast furnace of hell. The beauty of the video is that it will remind you of some memory in your own life that is relative, maybe the part that made you want to be involved with cars. As it turns out, weather and traffic conditions prevented driver Arthur Duray from making the two runs necessary for a qualification attempt. It was missing three crucial parts that needed to be recreated: the double-chain drive gearbox, the body and the radiator. Text: Jonny Lieberman Kinda like a fireplace for freaks….. I’d love to hear this at it’s full 1,800 RPM chat . The sound that thing makes, just at idle…beast indeed! They built only two, one of which was clocked doing 135mph in 1913. I guess the exhaust manifold was not ready or were chosen to be left off when the film was made. This is Fiat S76, more famously known as The Beast of Turin from 1911 and it easily goes to eleven and beyond. ENVIRONMENTAL TERRORIST  Others, for fun. Thank you for writing and publishing it! Not sure of the fate of his antique Fiat.

You would probably read every script with even the tiniest link to the subject matter, in the hope that you could tell a great car story of the likes of "Grand Prix", "Le Mans" or "Mad Max". Even at rest, it's an incredible sight - a true testament to FIAT ingenuity, as well the 12-year efforts of a tenacious restoration team. Constantly.

Here's a dramatic trailer showing the S76 from assembly to startup: By the time Duncan Pittaway could finally fire up what the archives refer to as the Fiat S76, the next event in the calendar was the 2015 Festival of Speed. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The Chinese may have discovered how to create the man-made explosion, but it was Western man who turned it into forward motion…. A very talented man Restoring such machinery is challenging not only because of the custom parts, but also because in order for Fiat to beat the land speed records, the Italians upgraded their four-cylinder with such cutting-edge technologies as a head with four valves per cylinder, complete with twin-spark ignition. suzulight. All Rights Reserved. Even more interesting would be assembling, and paying for, a team to do this kind of restoration of a great car. Who needs em? In fact, Marjoram is preparing a full-length documentary about the process, appropriately titled The Beast of Turin. Thank you Gary for this wonderful publication vicariously delivering the human condition nectar recalled from the good old days at GM Design.

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