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Looking for top rail resin caps like I was? I was given the number for Wilbar and put a claim in. | SITEMAP, 2" Artesian Spas, Island, South Seas, Jet Insert Stainless, 03-1103-52 Directional, Artesian Spas Mesh Netting Filter, Island, Platinum, Tidal Fit, Formerly Purple, Micron, Quali-Flo, Disposable Netting, 06-0055-12, Diameter: 6", Height: 7", Exact Fit Artesian® Spas, Island, Platinum, Resort, Gold, Tidal Fit Swim Spas Filter 06-0006-12, 06-0005-12, Diameter: 6-3/4", Length: 8" Handle Top & Male Thread Bottom, Artesian Spas, Master Spas, Down East, Emerald Spas Suction Drain Cover, 4-7/8 inch O.D. Thank You :), by Theodora I wanted to know if the name had been changed, since the company was sold, so I could find them or another type than would possibly fit. Is there anywhere that we can buy replacements for the buttress for our pool along with the straps. (Lake County IL). Use the picture to identify the part(s) you need and then select the cordisponding number in the options below to make your purchase. Cayman by Wilbar. (Fitchburg, MA ), I am looking for a top rail for my Oyster Bay Series 7000 pool. So much for the "lifetime warranty" on the resin pieces since the company is out of business. She has served me well. Awning Contractors I have an Artesian Emerald Isle 33' 54" and I need a piece that is the foot of the poly resign upright does anyone know where I can find parts.

Served nearly 200,000 customers. So I called the next day hoping I'd get someone more knowledgeable but got the same lady (sigh), still hoping I can find other brand that will fit. We have an Artesian 24' round Seville 8500 series pool. As long as you have your pool part number they will cross reference it with what they have for your pool. Our Brands. Athena by Aqualeader. Where can I buy them?

He should be able to help or put you in contact with help. Testimonials. Oct 20, 2020 Friendly Artesian Spas™ Parts Experts Over 26 years. How? My E-books and Kindle Books, Pool Installation Beaded Liners Wilbar offers top caps, base plates, and more to fit many brands of pools. by Chris We are Quality Spa Parts. I am in Lake County IL.

Here is what I have learned: These parts are near impossible to find. Expandable Liners I am in need of parts to the pool. You can also send him an e-mail at. All Parts for Artesian Spas™ Filters, Jets, Pillows, Pumps, Circuit Boards, Control Panel, Heaters. If you could please respond to the thread and let me know where to purchase these parts I would greatly appreciate it. Wilbar International is either so busy, they are back logged - or they are simply horrible at customer service. Part number as per manual is: 56498-350-05375.If you can distribute those parts or have any information as to where I may find them, it would be greatly appreciated. We’ve had our pool for less than a day and LOVE it. (Oak Forest, IL). Feel free to email me at [email protected] I am crossing my fingers you have one...or know where I can find one.Thank you, Private Counsel by Mark B You could also do a Google search and find a store dealing with this kind of pool and call them. (Louisville KY), I have an oval 16x24 Artesian 7100 Series River view classic 52" above ground pool I need seat clamp tops ( # 31620 -350-00000) and insert ( 31621-355-00000)and 47 1/8" top seats (# 56540-350-04713) does any one know where I can find them, Jjsmoove [email protected], Hello, I hope you can help me. These parts should be available through Wilbar International. I was needing a seat top, and with my part number they were able to send me the correct part for my above ground pool.
BadAss Pool Supply carries all the parts and motors for PerformancePro Pumps ArtesianPro Pump Parts. Send him some pics, I am looking for top rails for above ground pool Artesian Willow Creek Ultra 24 round 52 high, Join in and write your own page! Artesian Spa Circuit Boards, Artesian Spa Heaters, Artesian Spa Stereo, Artesian Spa Ozones, Artesian Spa Electrical, Artesian Spa Plumbing, Artesian Spa Jets, © 2020 - Spa Store, llc - All Rights Reserved Specifically, the steel uprights. Atlantis by Atlantic. Anyone else know?? Replacing it with a new 33'x54"....any suggestions for a brand to consider and brands to stay away from? We cannot find them anywhere. Pool Filters It might be possible that a dealer for one of these other pools could order Artesian parts. Created with Sketch. I am in need of 2 top rails, 2 top caps, 2 lower caps, and 2 top plates. Wilbar International is the maker of Artesian Pools. Were you able to locate the parts you needed? You could also do a Google search and find a store dealing with this kind of pool and call them. All Artesian Spas™ Filters, Jets, Pillows, Circulation, Pumps, Circuit Boards, Control Panel, Topside Controls, Heaters. (Orefield pa). Aruba by Atlantic. Wilbar Cypress Replacement Pool Parts (also fits Artesian Seville) PLEASE ALLOW 3 - 4 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY NON-RETURNABLE ITEM.

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